6 steps to get a successful online business!

Currently, online making money has become the hottest business on the internet and it is mostly attract the young people join in. This type of business has many benefits that help customers save the transporting cost and the sellers don’t need to pay the cost of location, building…

However how to make a successful online business, I am sure that not all people are confident to answer this. With the goal of spreading the value of online business, I want to share all of you my experiences and also my knowledge about this field. Online business has low cost, long effectiveness and low investment that is opening the chance to everyone.

In this article, I will show you 6 necessary steps to a successful online business:

  1. Analysis the business market

Many people got the mistakes when choosing the products and services that have no effectiveness. It may be fulfilled in the market before or in the market there were many giant companies existed. So, it is necessary to analysis about the demand of market about what the market is demanding for You also can know that what the problem the market is having? Who are your customers? Where is your business on the competition map?… You don’t need to have a special product at all. You just know the good supply source and fulfill the customers’ demands in the market.


  1. Building your business website

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The name and website are required to have when doing online business. The website is the most important thing that is the root of all online activities. You can hire a web design company, or build your own business website using the free tools on the Internet.

Remember to keep your website as simple as possible. The website is really your online business store. So you should make sure that it’s friendly to the customers. You only have 10 seconds to attract the customer’s attention before they move on to other websites. Building the business website is how most successful online business.

  1. Content marketing

A skill you need to have when trading online is the ability to post the sales content, in other words, it is the offerings. On the Internet, there is a lot of information, so what is the reason why customers stop surfing and viewing your informationWhy do they choose your product but not someone else. Posting sales skills can be learned. There is a formula proven when writing sales copy, you can learn from every post on the internet. Or you use a trending sentence to get the customers’ attentions.


In addition, learning tricks of the business from the big sales page is a not bad idea. Currently, besides the tendency to write content marketing, sales people need interested advertising trends by pictures, video, livestream on Facebook, build short films with detail review of a product, create and upload it on Youtube … They are the effective ways to attract more customers to your online shop.

  1. Increasing the traffics on your websites

You should use the tools of the Internet to lead more and more potential customers on the website as much as possible. Such as: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords (paid ads on Google), Email Marketing, posting on the forums or the fanpage, engage the community on social networks, in the difficult time,, you can use the service of the third party such as Sell Real Likes to boost your website and provide a large number of likes, followers for ’re your website…. Using social networking to business online is the right step to connect members and customers together.

  1. Create your reputation

Customers use the internet to find information. If provided valuable information, you can attract a large number people involve. You can start by sharing knowledge, skills through these articles, videos … and sharing your articles on your website and other social networks, maybe on the electronic, on your blog or anywhere you can access. Like the direct business, online business is to create trust with the customer, then the customer will come back to you.

According to my experience, the best way to create your reputation is calling customers get you’re the feedbacks on your website. You may use a gift for every feedback like that. When you have a big enough the good feedback number, it will become a factor to show your reputation on the market.

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  1. Use gmail, messenger or phone number to keep contact with your customers

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You need to build a list of the potential customers then periodically send email, SMS or a call to them about some valuable information, the advertising programs to drag them back to the website. You can be done completely automatically. Remember that anyone who agrees to join your list is always the most potential customers. And there would be more effective in the care of clients and your online business will be much more interested in people.

FX: I bought a shampoo on an online shop. After 2 months, when my shampoo bottle is going to the end, I got a SMS from that shop about a discounting program 20%. It is sure that I will come back to get 1 more shampoo on that shop.

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