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Currently, there is no one can refuse the effectiveness of influencer in digital marketing. According to Social heat, there is up to 78% the online users are affected by recommendations or suggests of influencers. Especially, Social influencer is the most trusted reference source who has enough the reliable to make community believe in and follow too.
However, not all the time brands can get enough information to select the best suitable influencers in the market or estimate precisely the effectiveness of an influencer for each marketing strategy that sometimes leads to a wrong decision causes to the wasted budget and no result.
This article will summarize all relevant criteria to measure an effective influencer marketing strategy to help brand performing a good marketing strategy that affects well to the community.

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Due to the explosion of social networking, Influencer is considered a booming industry, with the number of Influencers, has rapidly increased that makes the finding suitable face out become more difficult. Below are the four criteria to evaluate and analyze the critical Influencer in social networks:
Reach: It is measured by the number of fans, followers of Influencers on the social network. The brand usually selects the Influencer with a large fan number that can reach more people, but this also not adequately ensure the success of the campaign.
Relevance: It describes the similarity degree between Influencer and the image of the brand. Relevance is often expressed by the following factors:
Personal image: The conception of life, style, fashion spokesperson
Demographic factors: gender, age, marital status, the field of activity
Type of post/topic: style, theme, interesting questions
Fans/followers: personal branding, interesting topics.

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Resonance (Brand preference): It is about the ability to change consumer opinion, the interaction level with the types of content that Influencers created. When people read the material was written by Influencers, they will have different levels of interaction. Resonance determines the interaction level of the reader with the given message and makes them actively share that message on his page.

FX: A sharing experience of using lipstick is one of the content that attracts a high number of sharing from different types of lipsticks. From that, the audience also can ask more information about different types of lipstick and get the concern on the special one. The reason is that it fits with the women’s demand of owning several kinds of different lipsticks, carries the natural reference properties, helps people considering the considerations and options. A direct post on the brand’s fan page usually could not get much feedback.
Sentiment: It is a significant factor which marketer have to notice in selecting the influencer for a marketing strategy. The negative or positive feeling from the target audience for a particular influencer also strongly affect the brand love of users. It is the reason why there are some personal scandals of influencer lead to a mass boycott for products and services which are represented by that individual.

Based on the influential level with the public community, the influencers can be divided into the following three categories:

VIPs, CELEBRITIES who have the reputation, attract the public’s attention and traditional as actress, model, singer, MC, athlete, …It is influencer group has the most comprehensive recognition zone.

PROFESSIONAL INFLUENCERS: these people have relatively high reach medium and have a high level of Resonance.
CITIZEN INFLUENCERS: It included people own 500+ friends or followers had the shares products and services and created much attention. They also can be the consumers who shared about customers or industry experience, evaluation of the product. They mostly have relatively high Relevance and Resonance. However, they have the lowest level of Reach among three influencer groups.

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I will take an example of successful influencer marketing strategy to help you have an evident imaginary about doing influencer marketing. I’m sure that the marketing expert still did not forget the substantial success of Biti’s Hunter in Vietnam last year. Biti’s was so smart to choose Son Tung and Soobin singers to promote their products.

– Reach: Son Tung has a significant number of fans and also anti-fans. Any his performance or music product also created the hot, hit music video. Soobin also is a hot face emerged from the underground; he has become very popular after a series of hits. The number of 10 million views also showed the high reach ability of those singers.
Relevance: Both people have the impressive, dynamic fashion style, featured personalities, and also have many achievements in music career… All features can use to promote the image of Biti’s Hunter; most importantly, it is consistent with product images.
Resonance: After 2 MVs, the number of visitors in the Bitis’ website increased strongly, even there was a time of overloading when the website was accessible). As a result Biti’s Hunter became the hottest social networking shoes and out of stock in many branches.

Being a marketing in the modern life as currently, people should be proactive to any change in the market. They also should not ignore any change of promoting products and services. To know more about the tips or secrets of doing marketing activities on social media, you can access my blog to read in detail:

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