5 best effective strategies to sell online on Instagram

Currently, people seem are too fed up with advertising on their newsfeed on social media because sometimes they just can read the advertising without status or photo of their friends. Hence, how to do advertising and promote the online business on a social media platform become very difficult that need the skillful of sellers as well as the effective strategies.

This article will summary 5 effective tools to sell online on Instagram that may help you get success with your online business.


  1. Create sale contents

Boosting your Instagram

One of the utilizing choice of selling on Instagram is Instagram Shopping. That new feature allows you connect your products to your photos that you uploaded on Instagram that means you can upload the product’s photos with high quality and eye-catching to attract the customers. The followers who don’t want to buy products will not feel be disturbed by the beautiful photos.

In contrast, those customers interested in the product can click on Instagram and will take them to a photo on the seller account, where show more detail price and other characteristics of the product. However, the most amazing thing is that currently the Instagram does not count any service fees for these transactions!

  1. Utilize the power of advertising

Through Facebook channel, you can share your post on instagram to increase the access and suggest the customers to click on your links of your websites. They will become effective tools to increase the awareness of customers about your products.You also can use the Owlmetrics tool to track the traffic on your website by the way adding a link on the description zone on your Instagram.

There are two most important factors when you are selling products online on Instagram that are your viewers and visitors number on your fage. Instagram Ads may help increasing both two factors effectively. When the user cared about your product, you need a real strong attraction signs to convince viewers to follow you or pull visitors through your website.


  1. Share user’s generated contents (UGC)

It is normally known as: uploading the customers’ feedbacks on your page. Typically, sellers posting ads up for the purpose of sales obviously, but they don’t take the time to think whether the clients have trusted their products or not. If you flip through an ad on Instagram, there is a high possibility that you will ignore it, or at least feel a little hesitant about the quality of the product being advertised.

It is exactly time the user’s generated content can express rightly its role. It can help you spread the trusting feeling to viewers. In the user’s eyes, UGC brings higher authenticity so that it can remove the general distrust of the purchase online. Research shows that up to 63% of young people prefer viewing a normal person in advertising than a celebrity because everybody knows the stars get paid to advertise and say good about the product, but the popular people are not so sure.



Sell on Instagram effectively!

  1. Using all features of Instagram

Instagram is a constantly evolving platform and frequently launched updates to add new features to bring out the unique sales opportunities for the most clever brain. For example, Instagram Stories though is a new function of this platform but it has owned 200 million daily active users, means you will miss a gold mine if you ignored Instagram stories.


Whether you are selling online English courses or fidget spinner, Instagram is a great platform to help you convert the audience into the target customers and then sell products actually. Take advantage of every opportunity to reach viewers and promote products in a natural way is the most crucial thing for sale on Instagram efficiently. If doing correctly, you can turn this into a social network platform into the effective online business with several million USD.



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