5 popular failures of blogging!

There is no easy professional which you are easy to get successful. You must pay for the failure before get benefits from it. MMO (Making money online) has no exception. If you still don’t know why there is a large number of people choose MMO as the earning money way but there is a little number of them get success. This answer will give you some reasons for that. At some point, you may recognize your silhouette in this article, because no new people can anticipate the problems that may occur.

  1. Copy content from other blogs

There is a rule on making money on blog that is “Content is the King”. You should avoid copying content from other’s blog. Google is very strict on the content which will penalize your website at the bottom of the search results or even not showing your website on Google.
Easy penalty but saved very hard by Google, if your website is not available on Google which means you have lost a source of visitors. You should always remember that “the strangers” coming from Google has always believed about the content on your website rather than the strangers came from social, because many people will think that the high quality content always up to the top of the search results.


As the solution, don’t write just a few lines, you should create real value for the reader, let’s think about what the readers want to search what’s in the article and  solve the problem through your posts, don’t let the readers have to find more articles.

  1. No investing on effective tools

If you are new comer on blogging, you just need to use some free tools and focus on developing the contents and seeking the customers. However, when your blog owns a specific number of traffics, you should consider to find other effective tools. It may be a keywords finder, as the content analysis such as Buzzusumo, SEO supporter such as Ahrefs or Email marketing such as Active campaign.

The budget to invest on the tool will depend on your volume of blog, if you are earning $500 per month, you should invest $100 per month to support your website.

  1. Wrong direction of blog

If you are doing blog by your feeling without any market analysis and experience, you are close with the failure. It is quite risky when you just see the development blog to chase and follow without thorough research that means you have no exact way from the start, the failure rate will increase.

  • Have no experiences in blog development: When consulting about blog development, I always recommend people to put their hobby & professional experience into the top priority. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in a certain field, also do not outstanding in that field at the beginning because you can grow up gradually. But, if you choose a topic that you don’t love and don’t have a passion for developing your knowledge, your success rate is very low. Without passion, you don’t even have the motivation to do it. Your motivation is only “making money”, then after 1 time not earning money, you will begin to see discouraged & easily give up. Or if you have no development on your knowledge, you also never compete with the bloggers in the same field.
  • Learn-Blogging_The-beginner’s-guide-to-blog-content-planning-640x400
  • Have no development plan: Make money by blogging requires a basic plan rightly from the start. You need to visualize the entire process to do with your blog, check this list out there somewhere & complete. Without a detail plan, there will some periods you will be deadlock when you don’t know what you’re doing before your computer screen that is also the 1 elements makes your job stagnation.

Overall, the process developer blog will go through the following:

  • Select topic
  • Keyword research
  • Buy domain, hosting
  • Set up a basic WordPress website
  • Content development
  • Promote content
  • Make money on the blog through the many forms (business, affiliate, place ads …)

4. There is no advertising plan


Creating the perfect content that no one knows is similar when you have good products but don’t know who to sell it to. To get fast the first traffics and lead them into the customers, you need to strategically promote the right way. There are some advertising ways such as:
SEO: Create keywords and optimizing these keywords

Promote your Instagram!
Paid traffic: use the paid platform to find clients and Sell Real Likes – is a social provider in this field who can give you the sollution for any difficulties in the social channel development.
Social Media: creating a personal brand or the brand on social networks
Outreach: connecting with KOLs microphone or in fields that you are doing
Each method has its benefits so that you should carefully consider your position to fit with each type of method to have deployment strategy.

This article just provides you some popular failures that you can predict to avoid it in developing blog to earn money. Each step in blogging will alo contain many risks and other difficulties, you should always be ready to ask helps from the third party such as Sell Real Likes to get a fast development.

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