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18% of ads on television created an excellent rate of ROI return on investment.
– 84% of B2B campaigns bring on lower revenue levels.
– 100% is investing more in advertising to generate more 1%-2% of sales.
– 14% consumers trust in advertising
– 69% of consumers prefer ad-blocking technology
Above data showed that advertising becomes less effective currently. In this context, people think about advertising by viral video – It is a useful tool for the company.
1. What is the viral video?
One day, you get a video clip on the Internet. You hit the Play button and start enjoying it. You feel this video is exciting and start thinking of going to share it with your friends, your relatives. You hope that they can also get an exciting experience when watching the video, or you want to share a specific message to the people that you love. After watching that video, your friends also have the same thoughts, and they continue sharing it to others.
Just like that, the original video clip likes a virus that is spreading from person to person exponentially.create-viral-video-marketing-campaign-1024x538

2. Importance of the viral video
The viral video allows people to communicate the core messages about their products and services concisely with full of information and highly entertaining. Moreover, this video has spreading ability both in natural or being promoted according to the dispersal mechanism based on emotion and psychology. The feelings here are: funny, touching, happy, curious, irritating, frustrating, angry, pressing … Viral Video helps people perform their dream when they:
– Want to do but have not dared to do
– Like to say but not yet dare to say
– Like but not yet dare to express
3. The process of doing a viral video
3.1. Select the ages of audiences to have suitable content
To create a successful viral video, it is important to identify groups of the audience that you are aiming at:
– With the young audience, people should select the content of educational topics that have limitations in violent or sexy images.
– With the young audience, content can bring nature and recreational troll, or humane, rich
– With the older audience, it should restrict the content too “young,” should be towards the humanities content or content specialist professional.

3.2. Choose type of the viral video

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Each marketing tool has own unique features and private way. Therefore, to suit with each marketing purposes, you have to select the appropriate type of viral video.
For example:
– Short film series: It is a comedy sitcom but has a social feature, you can select the comedy part to put on the ads.
– TVC ads: this is the standard form that the enterprises use to the introduction of new products and the production process.
– Short film: It is usually used to make the humanity video that is sensational to the Viewer.
After deciding the type of video, we’re going to the next step, step the soul of a viral video.
3.3. Choose the good script
It is essential to choose to script to get the impressions of people. Hence, people should focus the content the same with a little sitcom with attractive sciences.
3.4. Spread the viral video

After finishing video production, the next important thing is to spread it. Creating the video is difficult but covering it is more difficult. Why some videos spread quickly as “forest fire,” while others quickly suppressed?
The sharing is the expression of the participation from the community network, and it is also the desire of any marketer when doing a viral video. After watching the video, people begin talking about your video and start with the comments. They leave their thoughts via the comments; they share their feelings by sending them to the people that they love. Sharing will connect viewers and with the manufacturer.
You should take the initiative to create the video sharing by different methods such as paying for share, creating a campaign to share on Facebook, Twitter … and do not restrict access videos from the Viewer. Let’s create a good environment that people can share your video freely. So that your campaign can get the success viral video.

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Viral video is one of the effective tool to boost your channel and communicate your message to as much as possible people. Beside that you also ensure other factors on your channel such as: content, quality of article or videos, … You should read more at my blog:

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