Accounting the attractions of reation videos!

The reaction is known as the response video when people view a video and express their personal feeling, body language, experience and their point of view about that video. Video reaction first appeared in the West, at first it was one of the movements of Kpop fans in the West. Simple to understand, it is a short and expressive recording when watching a video then share it on youtube.5otb-reaction-article1

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Whenever South Korea stars launched a new MV; the Western fans will record the response, his expressions of enjoying, experiencing. They can make a video when sitting to watch the video with friends, family … They try to express the feelings and his remarks as accurately as possible and then will share over the network. Through this reaction video, the react people can be free to express their feelings and express at the first time of viewing idol’s video. Reaction video currently is the choice of many Youtube stars in the world such as Fine Brothers, JREKML, TrollStation…

The reaction videos seems as too simple videos in which people don’t need too complicated preparation as well as procedure, but it still has a strong attraction. So what are the reasons? This paper will help people understanding about the attractions of reaction videos:

1. Psychology factor

According to psychology theory, people tend to think that others also are similar to themselves. It is called as projecting effects. It means people will evaluate or assess other people by comparing themselves to others. Hence a reaction video with expressing feelings about a particular video freely may affect to others about their evaluation for that video.
2.  The synchronization emotion

It is an essential cause for the reaction the video has a strange attraction. Maybe sometimes we have to wonder, “Why just now I still see it without turning off that,” without realizing that the expressions reveal of the character in the video has become a tool for “attraction “our feelings are beneficial. Most successful YouTuber who are making reaction video have charming leading and speaking skill that is very suitable with their targeted audiences.
3. Unbiased perspective

It seems like a too simple video, but actually, reaction video is a making a video that is very popular and useful to attract viewers. It can bring unbiased perspectives and multiple aspects views for everyone.
By using reaction video, you can express all personal feelings, evaluation, responses to audiences. You also can talk directly to everyone about the points that you like about that video and even the things that you dislike through discussing impressive scenes in the video. All your feelings or body language can be expressed freely and comfortably. It is an exciting thing of reaction video… bg
FX: When you text “Sohyang reaction” on Youtube, you can see there are many results with different expressions from goosebumps, eye bulged, open-mouthed when people don’t believe in what they are hearing, even someone cried for too pathetic…

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4. Promotion tool

Besides, reaction video is a tool and method to promote the music products of singers. FX. In Kpop, BTS is a particular phenomenon of famous singers group thanks to reaction videos from international fans.

Reation video is an easy way to help you create your channel and attract followers to your channel. Otherwise, you can think about an unique topic and create video according to that topic. You can read more topics on Youtube on: Top 10 topics for making video on Youtube!

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