Advertising on Facebook or Instagram?

Many of the experts have criticized Facebookwith decision in 2012 to spend 1 billion dollars for buying a spherical image software which at that time there were only 13 employees. But so far, no one doubt about the success of Instagram . The current value of Instagram has increased, reaching $102 billion dollars, 100 times the acquisition cost of Facebook in 2012.

Equally, Instagram  can’t compete with Facebook in the number of users. This software has a monthly 800 million users (2018), making it the third largest social network channels in the world, but still far less numbers of Champions Facebook when they have reached 2 billion monthly users.

But people still talk more about the quality of advertising on Instagram when online business on Facebook has become fed up with. So, should people move to Instagram to implement the advertising activities or stay on Facebook to reach a higher number of users? This article will give you the answer.


First, we should know about the differences between two large social platforms.

  1. About algorithm

The different social media sites use their own algorithms to make the unique and special experiences special that helps you easily access what you are likely to see and limit the content that you don’t want to appear. Also in marketing, Facebook‘s algorithms and Instagram will complete control of their advertising strategy.

Instagram or Facebook!

Instagram’s algorithm:

  • Engagement: The number of hearts and comments on each post
  • Relevantly: Whether the post is relevant to the users?
  • Relationships: The post of users who has a close and many engagement will be ranked at the top of newfeed.
  • Timeliness: The post also is arranged by the time of posting
  • Profile searches: Posts from the usually searching users will be ranked in higher level
  • Posting time: The rank level also depends on the amount of time the users spend to view the post.


Facebook’s Algorithm:

  • Friends and families: The posts of close friends or famimy will be ranked at the top of the new feed.
  • Engagement: Number of likes, share, comments
  • Encourage engagement: Facebook will place the post which encourage the discussion or replying, commenting in a higher level.
  • Images and videos: The post includes photos and videos are ranked higher
  • Spam or advertising activities: Any spam or advertising post are reduced the ranking on Facebook.

Minimize the exposure of the third party on Facebook will bring this channel back to the social origin in which people have more time for individual, friend and family. It also helps Facebook increase its advertising revenue (to have more showing ads on Facebook advertisers have to put more money). But with Instagram, business also can do the same freely even bring a better result, as long as they ensure the  good image, text and sound.

2. Advertising effectiveness

So, we can easily to see that with its nature, Instagram has more effectiveness for direct marketing: interacting with clients, increasing media awareness, introducing new services/products, comparing shopping and Influencer marketing. Moreover, Instagram is a “great place” for the population under the age of 30, especially teens.

On the other hand, Facebook is still the best place for visibility with the older group, as long as you are using paid advertising. Also Facebook helps users easily switch channels to the third party sites such as online stores. Meanwhile, Instagram banned shared links in posts and comments and every external link only appears in the profile only.


Moreover, Facebook has changed into become more individually with limited engagement in which there are 40% Facebook users don’t like to engage to the business or brand, they are likely to engage individually.  In an other hand, Instagram  is performing well in creating more and more engagement even freely in this platform. This makes Instagram is good land for Influencer Marketing and free access business. Users on Instagram are more often positive access to search the product introduction, in contrast to Facebook, where they actively ignore them.

Yes, I mean to say that Instagram is a good place to do marketing when it has not charged the advertising cost. But should we keep doing business on Facebook?. According to an economic theory, people should not put all eggs into a bag. Yes, why don’t we use both effective social media channels to promote the business.

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You can read more on this blog to know about the way of making money on Instagram  and Facebook.

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