All effective ways to make money on Youtube…

When you become a Youtuber, you surely can see many people who are earning money on Youtube – the biggest videos platform currently. And, the most favorite form which is used most popular is Youtube Partner. It means when you publish videos that attract more and more people view and watch the advertising, you will get money.

There are many successful Youtuber who are not only creating the value to community but also they can gain billion bases on Youtube.

1. Youtube Partner


YouTube Partner (from Google) still is always a form of making money online that attract many people around the world join in because of easy to start, durable nature, passive income & high credibility level. It also helps you get money by the way of placing the advertising on your video and you will get money with each 1000 weekly ads to show and every click on the ads.

The amount that you get also depends on:

– What is the content of video? (Such as the financial sector, beauty, vehicles are usually shared a lot of money)
– Which is the country that people come from? (The nations where the advertising industry strongly develops such as US, Europe often brings more income).

Even there are many people who don’t need the investment or just little bit to make video to make money, so you can see that from the students in high school or adults all of them are making money on Youtube daily. But you also should not stop making money by Youtube Partner because with the biggest platform of video as Youtube, you can apply many directions to earn more money.

YouTube is a giant platform developed by Google which allows you to upload the video to store and share to others, community, or keep being private. To know crealy about the making money on Youtube, you can search about PewDiePie who has made more than 10 million USD per year with Youtube Partner. He has ever trolled the entire world by the saying that he will delete this Yutube channel, he has done its promise but with other channel.

Since the 2018, your Youtube Channel needs to have 4000 hours + 1000 subscribers to join Youtube Partner. It should be real subscribers, not fake one. Hence, you should think about how to raise the view number as well as the subscriber to get the right of registration Youtube channel.

2. Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is the promotion of a product/service of other brands. You will not have to worry about the source of goods and warehousing or customer care. The only thing you need to do is find a way to promote products/services. This is not a new form to make money online because there are many people who already earned thousands of dollars per month with affiliate marketing on Amazon, Commisison Junction or Shareasale, …

It becomes more popular when people use this platform to make money with affiliate became, especially the introductory videos of products such as: demo, using guides, tips , …

For example, Verizon FiOS is a product on the internet which shows quite famous in America. They are willing to share $35 to $45 for every referral they bring about 1 new customer.
When looking for the video on Verizon on Youtube, you will easily see the same video like this. When viewers click through link & their purchase, they will be shared the commission automatically.

3. Building the brand


You also can do some videos which introduce the beauty tips, useful information to customers to get more and more followers on your channel. It is easy to do advertising or selling the products after that. For example, beauty blogger who always catch the trends and make video to review the products or share the information as well as the experiences are attracting billion views a video.


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