The dating feature is one of the newest application on Facebook which currently is applied in about nearly 20 countries. In may 2019, Facebook countinously introducing this feature in some countries. Facebook Dating is a distinct feature of the Facebookapplication, which helps users to actively control their experience. Users can match with people who have the same interests and concerns.

According to Facebook, this feature helps users to easily meet and chat with people who have the same interests in a safe and in control ways.To use this feature, users must download the latest version of the Facebook application, select the pink heart sign of Facebook Dating in the Menu, then create a profile (different with the main profile on Facebook).

The user will be suggested people join based on hobbies and activities on Facebook. The user can select or ignore the suggested profile, messaging and chatting directly with the selected users on the Facebook Dating. Continue reading

There is no easy professional which you are easy to get successful. You must pay for the failure before get benefits from it. MMO (Making money online) has no exception. If you still don’t know why there is a large number of people choose MMO as the earning money way but there is a little number of them get success. This answer will give you some reasons for that. At some point, you may recognize your silhouette in this article, because no new people can anticipate the problems that may occur.

  1. Copy content from other blogs

There is a rule on making money on blog that is “Content is the King”. You should avoid copying content from other’s blog. Google is very strict on the content which will penalize your website at the bottom of the search results or even not showing your website on Google.
Easy penalty but saved very hard by Google, if your website is not available on Google which means you have lost a source of visitors. You should always remember that “the strangers” coming from Google has always believed about the content on your website rather than the strangers came from social, because many people will think that the high quality content always up to the top of the search results.


As the solution, don’t write just a few lines, you should create real value for the reader, let’s think about what the readers want to search what’s in the article and  solve the problem through your posts, don’t let the readers have to find more articles. Continue reading

Email marketing is a great tool for business development, is a marketing channel delivers the highest ROI. Average dollar you spend for email marketing, you will gain more than 42 dollars. But why many people have in hand a large client list but they still cannot increase orders? So, this is the time you should review how to write the content of your email.

With each Email marketing campaign strategy, you should select the appropriate email types. Below are some types ofemail you should understand to apply effectively.


  •  Transaction email:

This is the email sent from the automated system to confirm what action was taken by the customer, including order confirmation emails, email send an invoice with shipping information, email account refunds or fulfill orders email, send password email …
With this type of email, the opening email rate is very high. If you can offer an ingenious way in these emails, you will have much larger revenue. Continue reading

Stories is a new and interesting feature of Instagram. It is sure that both individual user and business can get advantage and benefits from application this feature on business. Instagram story is a live program existing by the form of image and video that allows you share to friends and others and you totally can develop your current business with this application. There are many people are interested in this feature, but you still don’t like this that means you didn’t know how to use and apply it to utilize all its benefits. Let’s discover its effectiveness in business in Instagram.

Instagram stories are displayed on your list account on the top of your Instagram. If you see a red circle surrounding your friends’ avatar, it is exactly they have just added stories. To view these stories, you just need to click to the circle of their avatar, you will immediately see their stories. In the case they don’t have any story, Instagram will display the avatar only. With your account, Instagram will show you a blue plus sign on your avatar, in case you want to create a story, you just need to click on it to add more stories.


Benefits of Instagram stories:

Instagram Stories are very effective in making the profile more attracting. Let imagine that when everyone accesses to your account and the first thing they see is the stories that are their interested thing. People do not need to access your account in a deliberate way and just surf on the news feed and still see what you share in a full way. Your products will show greatly on stories in many different forms such as videos, pictures, links to the product. This will stimulate the potential customer to find out your product. Continue reading

Content Digital Marketing is the marketing activities of a business or brand focused on creating & distributing value information related to the product/service. With the purpose of attracting, retaining the reader, content marketing can promote the audiences’ behaviour & convert them into customers.

The content digital marketing strategy is indispensable in a perfect marketing strategy of business. Content marketing has mission to attract and approach customers with innovative, useful information. This content will assume the responsibility to change the users’ behavior and convert them from potential customers become customers of the business.

Currently, users are very close with digital technology. Every business needs to build ads, brand image in the customers’ minds in which the application content digital marketing plays a big role to the business success. accessible-3715422_960_720
Content marketing is classified according to the function and the form. With the functions, content has some different types such as informative content, entertainment content, useful content. Continue reading

Many of the experts have criticized Facebookwith decision in 2012 to spend 1 billion dollars for buying a spherical image software which at that time there were only 13 employees. But so far, no one doubt about the success of Instagram . The current value of Instagram has increased, reaching $102 billion dollars, 100 times the acquisition cost of Facebook in 2012.

Equally, Instagram  can’t compete with Facebook in the number of users. This software has a monthly 800 million users (2018), making it the third largest social network channels in the world, but still far less numbers of Champions Facebook when they have reached 2 billion monthly users.

But people still talk more about the quality of advertising on Instagram when online business on Facebook has become fed up with. So, should people move to Instagram to implement the advertising activities or stay on Facebook to reach a higher number of users? This article will give you the answer.


First, we should know about the differences between two large social platforms.

  1. About algorithm

The different social media sites use their own algorithms to make the unique and special experiences special that helps you easily access what you are likely to see and limit the content that you don’t want to appear. Also in marketing, Facebook‘s algorithms and Instagram will complete control of their advertising strategy.

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When social networking, especially Instagram has grown, building the personal brand on the Internet has become all people’s demand. To attract lots of followers, the prerequisite must be the photo’s quality on the wall and also containing much meaning. Along with that, there are many photos applications also have turned out fast and responsively chased the trend.

  1. A color story

With a color palette of bright, sweet, gentle, A Color Photo Story application is very suitable with femininity girls. This application allows you to use the sweet, warm colors like pink, yellow, orange, green, subdued colors for the photos on Instagram. It is true with the name of A Color Story, the application will provide a colorful story makes enjoyable photo editing than ever.


Not only using the selfie or daily photos, but A color story also is used to edit the flatlay photos (which are in set) or the photos of animals or things to make Instagram account become more interesting. Moreover, you also can follow the Instagram account of this application @acolorstory to update the new fomular to edit Instagram photos.

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Currently, online making money has become the hottest business on the internet and it is mostly attract the young people join in. This type of business has many benefits that help customers save the transporting cost and the sellers don’t need to pay the cost of location, building…

However how to make a successful online business, I am sure that not all people are confident to answer this. With the goal of spreading the value of online business, I want to share all of you my experiences and also my knowledge about this field. Online business has low cost, long effectiveness and low investment that is opening the chance to everyone.

In this article, I will show you 6 necessary steps to a successful online business:

  1. Analysis the business market

Many people got the mistakes when choosing the products and services that have no effectiveness. It may be fulfilled in the market before or in the market there were many giant companies existed. So, it is necessary to analysis about the demand of market about what the market is demanding for You also can know that what the problem the market is having? Who are your customers? Where is your business on the competition map?… You don’t need to have a special product at all. You just know the good supply source and fulfill the customers’ demands in the market.


  1. Building your business website

Sell effectively on Instagram!

The name and website are required to have when doing online business. The website is the most important thing that is the root of all online activities. You can hire a web design company, or build your own business website using the free tools on the Internet.

Remember to keep your website as simple as possible. The website is really your online business store. So you should make sure that it’s friendly to the customers. You only have 10 seconds to attract the customer’s attention before they move on to other websites. Building the business website is how most successful online business.

  1. Content marketing

A skill you need to have when trading online is the ability to post the sales content, in other words, it is the offerings. On the Internet, there is a lot of information, so what is the reason why customers stop surfing and viewing your informationWhy do they choose your product but not someone else. Posting sales skills can be learned. There is a formula proven when writing sales copy, you can learn from every post on the internet. Or you use a trending sentence to get the customers’ attentions.


In addition, learning tricks of the business from the big sales page is a not bad idea. Currently, besides the tendency to write content marketing, sales people need interested advertising trends by pictures, video, livestream on Facebook, build short films with detail review of a product, create and upload it on Youtube … They are the effective ways to attract more customers to your online shop.

  1. Increasing the traffics on your websites

You should use the tools of the Internet to lead more and more potential customers on the website as much as possible. Such as: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords (paid ads on Google), Email Marketing, posting on the forums or the fanpage, engage the community on social networks, in the difficult time,, you can use the service of the third party such as Sell Real Likes to boost your website and provide a large number of likes, followers for ’re your website…. Using social networking to business online is the right step to connect members and customers together.

  1. Create your reputation

Customers use the internet to find information. If provided valuable information, you can attract a large number people involve. You can start by sharing knowledge, skills through these articles, videos … and sharing your articles on your website and other social networks, maybe on the electronic, on your blog or anywhere you can access. Like the direct business, online business is to create trust with the customer, then the customer will come back to you.

According to my experience, the best way to create your reputation is calling customers get you’re the feedbacks on your website. You may use a gift for every feedback like that. When you have a big enough the good feedback number, it will become a factor to show your reputation on the market.

Boosting your Youtube!

  1. Use gmail, messenger or phone number to keep contact with your customers

Ask (a) overall

You need to build a list of the potential customers then periodically send email, SMS or a call to them about some valuable information, the advertising programs to drag them back to the website. You can be done completely automatically. Remember that anyone who agrees to join your list is always the most potential customers. And there would be more effective in the care of clients and your online business will be much more interested in people.

FX: I bought a shampoo on an online shop. After 2 months, when my shampoo bottle is going to the end, I got a SMS from that shop about a discounting program 20%. It is sure that I will come back to get 1 more shampoo on that shop.

Hope I helped. You can read more about use your social media effectively on my blog:

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It is said that Facebook was born with the aim to help people connect with friends in the same area. Also, Twitter performs the same task for a small friend group. While Facebook is an online social network with a multi-purpose allows users to chat, post photos, write a note and play the game, then Twitter is built around the post of a piece of news called as “Tweet” in the length of 140 characters. That’s the two most popular social networks in the world.
There are many people who compare the different and familiar things between two of these platforms to know which one will overcome others in the future or is there any chance for Twitter. As a person who is making money on social media, I just care about the possibility of making money on Twitter – a new channel, especially in the marketing field. If you want to market on Twitter, what do you need to prepare and what do you approach with customers, promote your brand and products in this potential market? I think you will be helped after reading this blog.

1. Twitter is considered as a fast channel of information
As if Facebook is social networking updated the daily news from friends and life fast and lively the most, Twitter is developed as an RSS feed page. Twitter also identified very clearly the direction in the future: become a social network of other information-driven than purely social networks connecting people like Facebook. According to my experience, the big news sites will often update to Twitter first; then it is spread to Facebook and other channels.

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Currently, there is no one can refuse the effectiveness of influencer in digital marketing. According to Social heat, there is up to 78% the online users are affected by recommendations or suggests of influencers. Especially, Social influencer is the most trusted reference source who has enough the reliable to make community believe in and follow too.
However, not all the time brands can get enough information to select the best suitable influencers in the market or estimate precisely the effectiveness of an influencer for each marketing strategy that sometimes leads to a wrong decision causes to the wasted budget and no result.
This article will summarize all relevant criteria to measure an effective influencer marketing strategy to help brand performing a good marketing strategy that affects well to the community.

Promote your Influencer marketing!

Due to the explosion of social networking, Influencer is considered a booming industry, with the number of Influencers, has rapidly increased that makes the finding suitable face out become more difficult. Below are the four criteria to evaluate and analyze the critical Influencer in social networks:
Reach: It is measured by the number of fans, followers of Influencers on the social network. The brand usually selects the Influencer with a large fan number that can reach more people, but this also not adequately ensure the success of the campaign.
Relevance: It describes the similarity degree between Influencer and the image of the brand. Relevance is often expressed by the following factors:
Personal image: The conception of life, style, fashion spokesperson
Demographic factors: gender, age, marital status, the field of activity
Type of post/topic: style, theme, interesting questions
Fans/followers: personal branding, interesting topics.

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