Currently, online making money has become the hottest business on the internet and it is mostly attract the young people join in. This type of business has many benefits that help customers save the transporting cost and the sellers don’t need to pay the cost of location, building…

However how to make a successful online business, I am sure that not all people are confident to answer this. With the goal of spreading the value of online business, I want to share all of you my experiences and also my knowledge about this field. Online business has low cost, long effectiveness and low investment that is opening the chance to everyone.

In this article, I will show you 6 necessary steps to a successful online business:

  1. Analysis the business market

Many people got the mistakes when choosing the products and services that have no effectiveness. It may be fulfilled in the market before or in the market there were many giant companies existed. So, it is necessary to analysis about the demand of market about what the market is demanding for You also can know that what the problem the market is having? Who are your customers? Where is your business on the competition map?… You don’t need to have a special product at all. You just know the good supply source and fulfill the customers’ demands in the market.


  1. Building your business website

Sell effectively on Instagram!

The name and website are required to have when doing online business. The website is the most important thing that is the root of all online activities. You can hire a web design company, or build your own business website using the free tools on the Internet.

Remember to keep your website as simple as possible. The website is really your online business store. So you should make sure that it’s friendly to the customers. You only have 10 seconds to attract the customer’s attention before they move on to other websites. Building the business website is how most successful online business.

  1. Content marketing

A skill you need to have when trading online is the ability to post the sales content, in other words, it is the offerings. On the Internet, there is a lot of information, so what is the reason why customers stop surfing and viewing your informationWhy do they choose your product but not someone else. Posting sales skills can be learned. There is a formula proven when writing sales copy, you can learn from every post on the internet. Or you use a trending sentence to get the customers’ attentions.


In addition, learning tricks of the business from the big sales page is a not bad idea. Currently, besides the tendency to write content marketing, sales people need interested advertising trends by pictures, video, livestream on Facebook, build short films with detail review of a product, create and upload it on Youtube … They are the effective ways to attract more customers to your online shop.

  1. Increasing the traffics on your websites

You should use the tools of the Internet to lead more and more potential customers on the website as much as possible. Such as: SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Adwords (paid ads on Google), Email Marketing, posting on the forums or the fanpage, engage the community on social networks, in the difficult time,, you can use the service of the third party such as Sell Real Likes to boost your website and provide a large number of likes, followers for ’re your website…. Using social networking to business online is the right step to connect members and customers together.

  1. Create your reputation

Customers use the internet to find information. If provided valuable information, you can attract a large number people involve. You can start by sharing knowledge, skills through these articles, videos … and sharing your articles on your website and other social networks, maybe on the electronic, on your blog or anywhere you can access. Like the direct business, online business is to create trust with the customer, then the customer will come back to you.

According to my experience, the best way to create your reputation is calling customers get you’re the feedbacks on your website. You may use a gift for every feedback like that. When you have a big enough the good feedback number, it will become a factor to show your reputation on the market.

Boosting your Youtube!

  1. Use gmail, messenger or phone number to keep contact with your customers

Ask (a) overall

You need to build a list of the potential customers then periodically send email, SMS or a call to them about some valuable information, the advertising programs to drag them back to the website. You can be done completely automatically. Remember that anyone who agrees to join your list is always the most potential customers. And there would be more effective in the care of clients and your online business will be much more interested in people.

FX: I bought a shampoo on an online shop. After 2 months, when my shampoo bottle is going to the end, I got a SMS from that shop about a discounting program 20%. It is sure that I will come back to get 1 more shampoo on that shop.

Hope I helped. You can read more about use your social media effectively on my blog:

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It is said that Facebook was born with the aim to help people connect with friends in the same area. Also, Twitter performs the same task for a small friend group. While Facebook is an online social network with a multi-purpose allows users to chat, post photos, write a note and play the game, then Twitter is built around the post of a piece of news called as “Tweet” in the length of 140 characters. That’s the two most popular social networks in the world.
There are many people who compare the different and familiar things between two of these platforms to know which one will overcome others in the future or is there any chance for Twitter. As a person who is making money on social media, I just care about the possibility of making money on Twitter – a new channel, especially in the marketing field. If you want to market on Twitter, what do you need to prepare and what do you approach with customers, promote your brand and products in this potential market? I think you will be helped after reading this blog.

1. Twitter is considered as a fast channel of information
As if Facebook is social networking updated the daily news from friends and life fast and lively the most, Twitter is developed as an RSS feed page. Twitter also identified very clearly the direction in the future: become a social network of other information-driven than purely social networks connecting people like Facebook. According to my experience, the big news sites will often update to Twitter first; then it is spread to Facebook and other channels. Continue reading

Currently, there is no one can refuse the effectiveness of influencer in digital marketing. According to Social heat, there is up to 78% the online users are affected by recommendations or suggests of influencers. Especially, Social influencer is the most trusted reference source who has enough the reliable to make community believe in and follow too.
However, not all the time brands can get enough information to select the best suitable influencers in the market or estimate precisely the effectiveness of an influencer for each marketing strategy that sometimes leads to a wrong decision causes to the wasted budget and no result.
This article will summarize all relevant criteria to measure an effective influencer marketing strategy to help brand performing a good marketing strategy that affects well to the community.

Promote your Influencer marketing!

Due to the explosion of social networking, Influencer is considered a booming industry, with the number of Influencers, has rapidly increased that makes the finding suitable face out become more difficult. Below are the four criteria to evaluate and analyze the critical Influencer in social networks:
Reach: It is measured by the number of fans, followers of Influencers on the social network. The brand usually selects the Influencer with a large fan number that can reach more people, but this also not adequately ensure the success of the campaign.
Relevance: It describes the similarity degree between Influencer and the image of the brand. Relevance is often expressed by the following factors:
Personal image: The conception of life, style, fashion spokesperson
Demographic factors: gender, age, marital status, the field of activity
Type of post/topic: style, theme, interesting questions
Fans/followers: personal branding, interesting topics. Continue reading

“Everyone can be influencer, in a sense”

According to statistics in Europe, there are 74% consumers accessing to the social media to get consult, product reviews from people. 92% believe in the introduction from someone other than advertising. The majority of those who were asked about the ads, they always believed and said that: the ad boasted. Therefore, the application of the traditional advertising forms is no longer an optimal solution. In recent years, when the development of the information technology and social networking is very strong, Influencer Marketing become one of the best marketing solution to build up a successful advertising campaign.

Become Influencer on Instagram!

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of the communication strategy on the social networks of many brands in recent years. The chart below shows how many brands in different sectors are working with influencers on Instagram, according to a recent report of L2, Inc.

b32_1 - Copy

Go with the growth of social networking platforms, users are very fed up with the message of business that: “I am good. You should try me“. Instead, people often update news about celebrities, reputable people and experts in their interested fields. A compliment to accompany photographs glitter of celebrity products can have more impacts on the consumer behavior than by the simple advertising. The term “Influencer Marketing” is the calling of a marketing trend thanks to influential people. The concept of Influencer Marketing can lead to the associated Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Advocate Marketing.

Because of development of Influencer marketing, there are many people can get a high income just because of their reputation and the famous level. The special thing in influencer is that you may be not talent person but you can impress the community and you are easy to become famous. Yes, it is time you are an influencer on the social media and you have potentials to become a good influencer marketing.


Have you ever heard about a hot Youtube channel when cute and interesting videos of a baby boy are recorded to upload on Youtube. The social media fast spread these video, and that buy soon become a famous person. He is invited in some photo shoot times as well as in some reality TV shows… He became the representatives for some kid brands such as: Clothes, bag, toys… He is an influence on Youtube.

Tell a story as above to say that: Everyone can be influencer if he/she has a suitable strategy for develop individual brand on social media. In this article, I will give you some guidelines to help you become an Influencer on social media.


  1. Focus on your content

If you are a blogger, choosing the best topic to say about is the priority thing. You have to research some trending topic, determine the most popular type of content, start creating content types. An alternative strategy is to study the wording of the title and the picture to determine what attracts most bloggers.

If you are Instagram, you should focus on the photo’s quality. Don’t expect that capture a blurry image or writing a newspaper article in five minutes then it can cross millions readers and followers share and love… No way! Before shooting the photo, you should use Google to search the most photographed locations in the area, travel to picturesque places, create the layout and edit of images by different mobile applications. Learning the secrets of the photo shoot on Youtube can also help you create the photo quality. In each Instagram post, the image must have the surprising or exciting element to attract viewers and fans.

  1. Create the unique things on your page

Forget what you learned in school, please break all the rules because the diggital   world is a world of difference and creativity. The more unique articles, the more attracted followers you will get on your page. The more content geared to the values differ, the more attracted the attention of audiences. It’s reason why there are many scandals on social media to attract followers, but you should follow the good way to be famous, not by some bad scandals.

bfa35985-maxresdefault - Copy

  1. Cooperate with other influencer

Don’t think you can become a star on digital within 24 hours. It takes at least a year to an influencer can be noticed by brands and business. Often, they collaborate with many free projects to help develop their names in advance. They provide unique content sources, free for web sites, magazines, events and various other shops. They require only the places that allow posting articles, photos of them. They identified the other influencers and asked if can exchange the readers and audiences and fans. You will find that many influencers sharing photos and free content for each other. This extremely effective and has helped the Influencer attracted millions of readers and followers.

  1. Find an assistant

The more you expand your influence, then the less you do work on social media. It is an experience of wisdom of the Influencer in the Digital world. When you have an enough big size of the readers and followers, you should hire an assistant to help managing your content and increase the interaction with your audience. It also is a way to protect the individual value and brand to yourself.

This article will help the normal person become an influencer successfully. You are this blog’s reader, don’t miss out the chance to become an influencer on social media. Start this strategy and no one knows that you may be successful.

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Increasing followers on Instagram is an art which needs to put more effort and a special patient because each page bases on its content, its situation and process of development. Also, the Instagram user should be smart to choose the best way to promote Instagram page. This article will follow to provide some other secrets to increase followers for an Instagram account. When have a special number of followers, the Instagram page will have its reliable and reputation to affect to customer’s decision.

  1. Use the geotag to increase the effectiveness in geography

You totally can enhance the access ability on your posts or stories from customers in particular areas by using geotag that is an electronic tag that assigns a geographical location to a photograph or video, a posting on a social media website, etc. By using geotag, the local businesses can enjoy many benefits of attracting the local customers to search efficiently, and access and buy the products.


When you reach a special place, you can use the geotag to connect and attract the Instagram user at that place come your post to have interaction and more communication. FX: #Singaporfood, #amazingindia, #redfort…

Boosting your Instagram

  1. Grouping the stories on Highlight

Every time a potential client accesses your Instagram page, you have only a concise period to convince them to follow his Instagram and interact with the post, stories. But you surely can use the “Highlight” feature in the profile to the group Instagram Stories. This is a way to introduce your shop, your business, your products to the new users/guests. Continue reading

In marketing, Instagram is a social platform that helps to access the potential customers and bring the chances of developing, building the brand and the customer’s awareness. So, do you have the secrets how to increase the follower number on your business Instagram?

In fact that, there is more than 500 billion users who use Instagram daily and turn it into one of the fastest of user development in the time of 4.0 industry. Hence, Instagram is a potential market where you should invest to develop to get more customers, you should need to keep in hand some skills and strategies to access that potential customers. In this article, I will provide you some skills that helps to increase the  followers on your Instagram and enhance the users cohesiveness  with your Instagram.

  1. Using hashtag effectively

Your goal in developing the marketing strategy on instagram should not be limited on the increasing follower number, it should also include the maintaining old customers. Hence, the uploading posts with new, interesting, unique contents are a priority. And you also forget use hashtags on each your video. It helps user find out the photos easily with the special topic. Hence, hashtags is one of the most important tips to increase followers on Instagram: #love, #Instagood, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #like4like, #followme, #selfie, #instadaily, #friends, #nature…

To add the correct tag hashtag, you need to find and use the hashtag related content. This means, you need a power tool to just search the hashtag appropriately, again just make sure the card has weekly looking for stability on Instagram. You can use some of the free tools like IconoSquare or Websta. Continue reading

In 2016, Instagram introduced the Stories feature that was inspired by the Snapchat. Up to the year 2018, Instagram has doubled the number of daily users compared to Snapchat. It is all thanks to a friendly users interface and is regularly updating with exciting features.
In a list of digital marketing tools, Instagram has widely invested because of its effectiveness and the diversity of contents. The Instagram story allows business and stores can update the short video and beautiful photos within 24 hours to reach all followers. When you view your friend’s stories, at the same time the picture was posted on the different accounts will also appear. It will create convenience and appearance images to consumers in a very natural way, easy to create sympathy rather than advertising. It is considered to be an essential weapon in marketing, especially in fashion or restaurant business. A strange image will generate the attraction of new customers and create customer engines for enjoying the clothes of stores or the food at the restaurant.

Boosting your Instagram!

Selling on Instagram effectively!

The Instagram story is a photo- sharing tool. The unique thing of this feature is that the updating is displayed on the story only within 24h. This feature i talks Instagram inherited from the social network Snapchat. Currently, Instagram has, 200 million. So far, Instagram keeps updating the new features for the enterprise.

Continue reading

Currently, people seem are too fed up with advertising on their newsfeed on social media because sometimes they just can read the advertising without status or photo of their friends. Hence, how to do advertising and promote the online business on a social media platform become very difficult that need the skillful of sellers as well as the effective strategies.

This article will summary 5 effective tools to sell online on Instagram that may help you get success with your online business.


  1. Create sale contents

Boosting your Instagram

One of the utilizing choice of selling on Instagram is Instagram Shopping. That new feature allows you connect your products to your photos that you uploaded on Instagram that means you can upload the product’s photos with high quality and eye-catching to attract the customers. The followers who don’t want to buy products will not feel be disturbed by the beautiful photos.

In contrast, those customers interested in the product can click on Instagram and will take them to a photo on the seller account, where show more detail price and other characteristics of the product. However, the most amazing thing is that currently the Instagram does not count any service fees for these transactions! Continue reading

The reaction is known as the response video when people view a video and express their personal feeling, body language, experience and their point of view about that video. Video reaction first appeared in the West, at first it was one of the movements of Kpop fans in the West. Simple to understand, it is a short and expressive recording when watching a video then share it on youtube.5otb-reaction-article1

Promoting your Youtube channel!

Boosting your Youtube!

Whenever South Korea stars launched a new MV; the Western fans will record the response, his expressions of enjoying, experiencing. They can make a video when sitting to watch the video with friends, family … They try to express the feelings and his remarks as accurately as possible and then will share over the network. Through this reaction video, the react people can be free to express their feelings and express at the first time of viewing idol’s video. Reaction video currently is the choice of many Youtube stars in the world such as Fine Brothers, JREKML, TrollStation… Continue reading

MMO- Making Money Online is a problem that attracted a high number of interested people
currently. One of the best active channels to make money online is YouTube-where have
the most shared videos in the world. For the companies, especially technology companies or
the media and entertainment sector, having a compelling YouTube channel is
evident. However creating a YouTube channel is only the initial step just, after you
completing creation your YouTube channel, you have to create an exciting video to make
about millions of weekly tracks to promote brand communication effectively. The article
below will give you a hint to help your Youtube Channel become more famous and

Promote your Youtube!
1. Set beautiful video title
Remember that there are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, even statistics is that
if you want to see the all video on YouTube, you must leave out nearly 2000 years. With
These vast number of opportunities to videos on your YouTube channel, the number of users
click on view for your video will be low. It also means that you have to use a lot of
unique and effective ways to increase attention to them, and the first thing to do is to
write a video title that’s impressive.

So how is an attractive title?
According to a study of Tubular Insights when comparing the title video on YouTube and the news page by BuzzFeed Facebook – a world Famous-produced shows, the video title contains 41-70 characters have views more than 64% in comparison with the video Titled. Even this is not the overall research but raised a most typical example in the production of online content, you can rely on this for reference when the most recent title for the video on his Youtube Channel. Besides the length, the way using words to get the attention of the viewer also very important. Continue reading