The reaction is known as the response video when people view a video and express their personal feeling, body language, experience and their point of view about that video. Video reaction first appeared in the West, at first it was one of the movements of Kpop fans in the West. Simple to understand, it is a short and expressive recording when watching a video then share it on youtube.5otb-reaction-article1

Promoting your Youtube channel!

Boosting your Youtube!

Whenever South Korea stars launched a new MV; the Western fans will record the response, his expressions of enjoying, experiencing. They can make a video when sitting to watch the video with friends, family … They try to express the feelings and his remarks as accurately as possible and then will share over the network. Through this reaction video, the react people can be free to express their feelings and express at the first time of viewing idol’s video. Reaction video currently is the choice of many Youtube stars in the world such as Fine Brothers, JREKML, TrollStation… Continue reading

MMO- Making Money Online is a problem that attracted a high number of interested people
currently. One of the best active channels to make money online is YouTube-where have
the most shared videos in the world. For the companies, especially technology companies or
the media and entertainment sector, having a compelling YouTube channel is
evident. However creating a YouTube channel is only the initial step just, after you
completing creation your YouTube channel, you have to create an exciting video to make
about millions of weekly tracks to promote brand communication effectively. The article
below will give you a hint to help your Youtube Channel become more famous and

Promote your Youtube!
1. Set beautiful video title
Remember that there are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, even statistics is that
if you want to see the all video on YouTube, you must leave out nearly 2000 years. With
These vast number of opportunities to videos on your YouTube channel, the number of users
click on view for your video will be low. It also means that you have to use a lot of
unique and effective ways to increase attention to them, and the first thing to do is to
write a video title that’s impressive.

So how is an attractive title?
According to a study of Tubular Insights when comparing the title video on YouTube and the news page by BuzzFeed Facebook – a world Famous-produced shows, the video title contains 41-70 characters have views more than 64% in comparison with the video Titled. Even this is not the overall research but raised a most typical example in the production of online content, you can rely on this for reference when the most recent title for the video on his Youtube Channel. Besides the length, the way using words to get the attention of the viewer also very important. Continue reading

Do you want to be famous or widely known over the world? It really can happen because we are living in a world of the internet. No matter where you are, what are you doing, you need a camera or smartphone to record the video and upload it on Youtube, you are easy to be successful.
You will play the role of a YouTube partner in which you will upload your video with the meaning of entertainment, cute, severe or educational… It must bring a unique value that attracts people views and spread every day. To do it, I will list out some ideas that will help you choose the best suitable idea to create successful videos.Profitable-YouTube-Channel-Ideas-Pinterest

Promote your Youtube channel!
1. Adventure video
Although the video looks very easy to record but can be quite the challenge. How do you file an adventure video?

If you are new Youtuber and you are not on the streets to record adventure games video, you can start from your home or office. FX: turning the house into the night,…

You totally can get ideas from various Youtube channels but don’t copy them and put your efforts is the best. You can go quite easy to upload a video adventure game series 3 to 4 times a week. Continue reading

18% of ads on television created an excellent rate of ROI return on investment.
– 84% of B2B campaigns bring on lower revenue levels.
– 100% is investing more in advertising to generate more 1%-2% of sales.
– 14% consumers trust in advertising
– 69% of consumers prefer ad-blocking technology
Above data showed that advertising becomes less effective currently. In this context, people think about advertising by viral video – It is a useful tool for the company.
1. What is the viral video?
One day, you get a video clip on the Internet. You hit the Play button and start enjoying it. You feel this video is exciting and start thinking of going to share it with your friends, your relatives. You hope that they can also get an exciting experience when watching the video, or you want to share a specific message to the people that you love. After watching that video, your friends also have the same thoughts, and they continue sharing it to others.
Just like that, the original video clip likes a virus that is spreading from person to person exponentially.create-viral-video-marketing-campaign-1024x538

2. Importance of the viral video
The viral video allows people to communicate the core messages about their products and services concisely with full of information and highly entertaining. Moreover, this video has spreading ability both in natural or being promoted according to the dispersal mechanism based on emotion and psychology. The feelings here are: funny, touching, happy, curious, irritating, frustrating, angry, pressing … Viral Video helps people perform their dream when they: Continue reading

As being similar with Facebook; Twitter is a useful tool for online business owners. If you are making money online, you should not ignore the effectiveness of using Twitter to support your business. Below are some ways to help you have a better and more effective online business thanks to Twitter.

  1. Using Twitter to support customers

Being a online seller, you must recognize the importance of online customer services. This is the proposition branding and connection users method that is extremely important. So, social media platform plays the role as a place to resolve questions, complaints by customers.


  1. Managing both negative and positive tweet

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Livestream Facebook is currently well-known as one of the most effective business tools. Especially this method is very popular with online sellers on Facebook. It is the reason live stream is a feature that Facebook priorities in the current time, both in the notice and displaying.

Mostly, when using smartphone or tablet and PC to surf Facebook, people often see some live streams on the top of newsfeeds. Besides, the notice feature also is set up to make people get information about who is doing a live stream and who finished live stream already.


To perform well a live stream, people have to prepare many things, and they often follow some steps as below:

  1. Preparation

The preparation step is one of the most critical steps that make up success in any online marketing program or also in any field. People often say that A successful preparation is preparing for a victory. To qualify for a useful live stream of online business, what do people need to make?

  • Identifying the target customers: It is a phase to determine who is likely watching that Livestream. Who are they? How old are they? What are their favorites and what is their behaviors?
  • Identifying the objectives of live stream: The purposes may be selling new products, sell-off stocked products, increase interactions, informing an interesting program… It should be clear to tell inform to customers.
  • Idea generations and drawing the live stream structure: It is when you answer some questions that: What is the topic of a live stream? What is its style? What are its contents?
  • Preparation host: There is a person who is called as a host who manages and runs the live stream. He/she should prepare a convenient, comfortable and police outfit that ensure a high level of brand recognizing and being easy to change different modes. Besides, that person should make about the feeling, voice appearance… before starting live stream because live stream is a continuous process of talking, hence a not good mood or health will affect the operation of the live stream.

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Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular networks for people who want to make money online. While there is a saturation of online business on Facebook, people tend to move to Instagram with many new strategies to promote online business. You are a starter in social media, and you have ideas to do business in a new network of Instagram, but you did not know how to start. Below are some guidelines and steps to help you have an active transaction on Instagram.
1. Creating an Instagram Account
Instagram is an image, video – sharing application on smartphone and it also is considered as a popular network. There is an individual thing on Instagram that all images are formatted for square images with a lot of special color effects through the available filters. If you want to sell products on Instagram, it’s necessary to start downloading this application on your phone and create a personal account.

Step 1: Download Instagram on Google Play.
Step 2: Click on the Instagram icons to choose the registration options with Facebook or Email.
Step 3: Fill in turn information: email address, display name, and password — the display name you should set it as the shop’s name and do not contain spaces and other special characters. In the bottom section allows you to set up the profile by adding your name, phone number and update the image.
Step 4: Select full mark in the top right of the phone screen.
2. Seeking potential products
There is a close relationship between Instagram and Facebook. Hence, it is the benefit to you when you start following all people who were in the friend list of your Facebook account already. Yi, You should support them and look for customers from across their page are those who follow and interact with them. Continue reading

A picture has a higher value than a thousand words. At the moment, a photo can convey to us a massive amount of information.

Hence, there is no surprise when there are about 25 million businesses are using Instagram as a powerful platform to connect with customers. However, according to a study by Microsoft, the attention range of modern people is 8 seconds that is even lower than the Golden fish (9 seconds). With having a giant amount of photos on Instagram, the company’s brands get challenges when reaching customers on this platform.

Author Molly St. Louis of Adweek has analyzed the successful campaign on Instagram and just 3 points out the effectiveness of the campaign.
1. Impression photo
Instagram is a platform for sharing images; the impression is the element that should be satisfied first.
According to Molly, one of the biggest mistakes on Instagram is taking the boring pictures like your selfie photos that have only one expressive style and the difference between the sheets the picture is just their clothes. You should not do like this when you want to promote your brand because no one wants to watch a boring photo again and again.

da (15)_FORW


Molly asked the top influencers and also got a confirmation that the unique and beautiful image is very significant. For example, the excellent quality, vivid colors, weird camera angles will help photos create more feelings to the viewers that obviously will increase interoperability.
2. Telling close stories
You are creating the content on Instagram, but you should not only focus on your products and your information, but you also should make contact with the life of the purchaser. Whether you are selling something: cars, clothes, or technology products, you also need to tell a story to the customers to make them recognize the role of the product in their life. Continue reading

The channels of Social Media or social networking sites are to address as the trusted places by users to use for many purposes when access to the Internet such as entertainment, sales online, search and update information, friend connection … Currently, the Internet has appeared a lot with Social Media channels with the diverse public and private functions, fulfilling for the different needs of users.


Below is a list of the largest social media channel with the introduction about them:

  1. Facebook

As of the present time, Facebook still occupied location unique when every day there is 1.15 billion Facebook accounts access and active on that platform. (According to statistics from Facebook, 12/2016)

Worldwide, there are more than 1.94 billion Facebook active accounts each month (updated on March 3/2017)

It is possible to say that this Social Media channel, with many diverse functions, has had so many supports for users. People access Facebook not only to chat, nowadays, Facebook as a  network in which each user’s status is a kind of news. Facebook is also the place for users to stay connected, work, implementation of the project or plan.

There are many people making money on Facebook with the cheap cost of advertising or applying an online business.

  1. Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular channel on the Web today. Millions of videos have been uploaded and shared here, ranging from movie trailers to amateur videos of cats – and everything in between.

Anyone with an Internet connection can share content on YouTube, whether they are organizations with large budgets or an individual with a video camera. YouTube is owned by Google, and is one of their most popular peripheral properties. YouTube was the first large-scale video sharing site on the Web, and it is available in nearly every country and over fifty different languages. Anyone can upload content here, which makes for an utterly astonishing array of watchable content. Continue reading

Online making (Or called Make Money Online – MMO) is a trend that popularly makes the earning currently. You may see your neighbor or your classmate who did not go to working place but they also have much of money and being online 24/24. So it is sure that you are wondering what are they doing?. I am here to make you understand about various ways of making online money that are suitable for students.

The basic of MMO is using a phone or computer that has internet connection to do some activities or tasks to get the purpose of making money. In general, MMO has a wide meaning that is utilizing your online environment to make money. The characteristic s of freedom, comfort, chance, potential were attracted more and more people come in online making community, to consider online job as a main job to get money.

There are many people who can get the large and regular earning per month about $1000, $2000 even 10.000$ per month. At present there are a lot of ways, or the method of making money on the net. But be careful, because in parallel with many prestigious form brings endless opportunities, there will also be no less the form of phishing, abusing the trust of new members. They mostly scam people with little knowledge about technology or strangers to the digital world.

There are many forms of MMO as below:

  • Primary forms: Doing survey, click advertising, setting phone apps… These are basic forms of MMO but theirs earning is not much. Hence, it just is suitable to students who just want to make money to have coffee and charging phone. The real MMO people will did not follow these types of MMO for a long time.
  • Professional forms: As its name, in this area, people will utilize all popular platforms to make money such as: Affiliate network, youtube, amazon, google… They have theirs program to cooperate with these large platforms to get large payment. They also have a deep and professional knowledge about social media and technology.
  • Online business: It is the way of utilizing social media platform to create and raise the number of customers as well as develop the business activities.

Following I will go to explain detail about each form of making money:

  1. Making online money with Affiliate Marketing

It appeared in Vietnam from 1 decade before, Affiliate Marketing is considered as one of the easiest way of making money for new comer. About its meaning, you can understand when you bring products of large brands to advertise on your unique website or link. If there is any customer buy products through your links, you will get incentive and commission.


With affiliate, you don’t need to have special products to sell out, and you also don’t need to care about the inventory process as well as the customer service. Standing on the point of the enterprise, affiliate also is an effective form to advertising their product because they just have to pay for results, orders… That’s reason there are many companies both small and large also apply this program of affiliate that opened more and more chance to MMO community. Continue reading