The dating feature is one of the newest application on Facebook which currently is applied in about nearly 20 countries. In may 2019, Facebook countinously introducing this feature in some countries. Facebook Dating is a distinct feature of the Facebookapplication, which helps users to actively control their experience. Users can match with people who have the same interests and concerns.

According to Facebook, this feature helps users to easily meet and chat with people who have the same interests in a safe and in control ways.To use this feature, users must download the latest version of the Facebook application, select the pink heart sign of Facebook Dating in the Menu, then create a profile (different with the main profile on Facebook).

The user will be suggested people join based on hobbies and activities on Facebook. The user can select or ignore the suggested profile, messaging and chatting directly with the selected users on the Facebook Dating. Continue reading

Many of the experts have criticized Facebookwith decision in 2012 to spend 1 billion dollars for buying a spherical image software which at that time there were only 13 employees. But so far, no one doubt about the success of Instagram . The current value of Instagram has increased, reaching $102 billion dollars, 100 times the acquisition cost of Facebook in 2012.

Equally, Instagram  can’t compete with Facebook in the number of users. This software has a monthly 800 million users (2018), making it the third largest social network channels in the world, but still far less numbers of Champions Facebook when they have reached 2 billion monthly users.

But people still talk more about the quality of advertising on Instagram when online business on Facebook has become fed up with. So, should people move to Instagram to implement the advertising activities or stay on Facebook to reach a higher number of users? This article will give you the answer.


First, we should know about the differences between two large social platforms.

  1. About algorithm

The different social media sites use their own algorithms to make the unique and special experiences special that helps you easily access what you are likely to see and limit the content that you don’t want to appear. Also in marketing, Facebook‘s algorithms and Instagram will complete control of their advertising strategy.

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Currently, there is no one can refuse the effectiveness of influencer in digital marketing. According to Social heat, there is up to 78% the online users are affected by recommendations or suggests of influencers. Especially, Social influencer is the most trusted reference source who has enough the reliable to make community believe in and follow too.
However, not all the time brands can get enough information to select the best suitable influencers in the market or estimate precisely the effectiveness of an influencer for each marketing strategy that sometimes leads to a wrong decision causes to the wasted budget and no result.
This article will summarize all relevant criteria to measure an effective influencer marketing strategy to help brand performing a good marketing strategy that affects well to the community.

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Due to the explosion of social networking, Influencer is considered a booming industry, with the number of Influencers, has rapidly increased that makes the finding suitable face out become more difficult. Below are the four criteria to evaluate and analyze the critical Influencer in social networks:
Reach: It is measured by the number of fans, followers of Influencers on the social network. The brand usually selects the Influencer with a large fan number that can reach more people, but this also not adequately ensure the success of the campaign.
Relevance: It describes the similarity degree between Influencer and the image of the brand. Relevance is often expressed by the following factors:
Personal image: The conception of life, style, fashion spokesperson
Demographic factors: gender, age, marital status, the field of activity
Type of post/topic: style, theme, interesting questions
Fans/followers: personal branding, interesting topics.

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“Everyone can be influencer, in a sense”

According to statistics in Europe, there are 74% consumers accessing to the social media to get consult, product reviews from people. 92% believe in the introduction from someone other than advertising. The majority of those who were asked about the ads, they always believed and said that: the ad boasted. Therefore, the application of the traditional advertising forms is no longer an optimal solution. In recent years, when the development of the information technology and social networking is very strong, Influencer Marketing become one of the best marketing solution to build up a successful advertising campaign.

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Influencer marketing has become an integral part of the communication strategy on the social networks of many brands in recent years. The chart below shows how many brands in different sectors are working with influencers on Instagram, according to a recent report of L2, Inc.

b32_1 - Copy

Go with the growth of social networking platforms, users are very fed up with the message of business that: “I am good. You should try me“. Instead, people often update news about celebrities, reputable people and experts in their interested fields. A compliment to accompany photographs glitter of celebrity products can have more impacts on the consumer behavior than by the simple advertising. The term “Influencer Marketing” is the calling of a marketing trend thanks to influential people. The concept of Influencer Marketing can lead to the associated Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Advocate Marketing.

Because of development of Influencer marketing, there are many people can get a high income just because of their reputation and the famous level. The special thing in influencer is that you may be not talent person but you can impress the community and you are easy to become famous. Yes, it is time you are an influencer on the social media and you have potentials to become a good influencer marketing.


Have you ever heard about a hot Youtube channel when cute and interesting videos of a baby boy are recorded to upload on Youtube. The social media fast spread these video, and that buy soon become a famous person. He is invited in some photo shoot times as well as in some reality TV shows… He became the representatives for some kid brands such as: Clothes, bag, toys… He is an influence on Youtube.

Tell a story as above to say that: Everyone can be influencer if he/she has a suitable strategy for develop individual brand on social media. In this article, I will give you some guidelines to help you become an Influencer on social media.


  1. Focus on your content

If you are a blogger, choosing the best topic to say about is the priority thing. You have to research some trending topic, determine the most popular type of content, start creating content types. An alternative strategy is to study the wording of the title and the picture to determine what attracts most bloggers.

If you are Instagram, you should focus on the photo’s quality. Don’t expect that capture a blurry image or writing a newspaper article in five minutes then it can cross millions readers and followers share and love… No way! Before shooting the photo, you should use Google to search the most photographed locations in the area, travel to picturesque places, create the layout and edit of images by different mobile applications. Learning the secrets of the photo shoot on Youtube can also help you create the photo quality. In each Instagram post, the image must have the surprising or exciting element to attract viewers and fans.

  1. Create the unique things on your page

Forget what you learned in school, please break all the rules because the diggital   world is a world of difference and creativity. The more unique articles, the more attracted followers you will get on your page. The more content geared to the values differ, the more attracted the attention of audiences. It’s reason why there are many scandals on social media to attract followers, but you should follow the good way to be famous, not by some bad scandals.

bfa35985-maxresdefault - Copy

  1. Cooperate with other influencer

Don’t think you can become a star on digital within 24 hours. It takes at least a year to an influencer can be noticed by brands and business. Often, they collaborate with many free projects to help develop their names in advance. They provide unique content sources, free for web sites, magazines, events and various other shops. They require only the places that allow posting articles, photos of them. They identified the other influencers and asked if can exchange the readers and audiences and fans. You will find that many influencers sharing photos and free content for each other. This extremely effective and has helped the Influencer attracted millions of readers and followers.

  1. Find an assistant

The more you expand your influence, then the less you do work on social media. It is an experience of wisdom of the Influencer in the Digital world. When you have an enough big size of the readers and followers, you should hire an assistant to help managing your content and increase the interaction with your audience. It also is a way to protect the individual value and brand to yourself.

This article will help the normal person become an influencer successfully. You are this blog’s reader, don’t miss out the chance to become an influencer on social media. Start this strategy and no one knows that you may be successful.

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18% of ads on television created an excellent rate of ROI return on investment.
– 84% of B2B campaigns bring on lower revenue levels.
– 100% is investing more in advertising to generate more 1%-2% of sales.
– 14% consumers trust in advertising
– 69% of consumers prefer ad-blocking technology
Above data showed that advertising becomes less effective currently. In this context, people think about advertising by viral video – It is a useful tool for the company.
1. What is the viral video?
One day, you get a video clip on the Internet. You hit the Play button and start enjoying it. You feel this video is exciting and start thinking of going to share it with your friends, your relatives. You hope that they can also get an exciting experience when watching the video, or you want to share a specific message to the people that you love. After watching that video, your friends also have the same thoughts, and they continue sharing it to others.
Just like that, the original video clip likes a virus that is spreading from person to person exponentially.create-viral-video-marketing-campaign-1024x538

2. Importance of the viral video
The viral video allows people to communicate the core messages about their products and services concisely with full of information and highly entertaining. Moreover, this video has spreading ability both in natural or being promoted according to the dispersal mechanism based on emotion and psychology. The feelings here are: funny, touching, happy, curious, irritating, frustrating, angry, pressing … Viral Video helps people perform their dream when they: Continue reading

Livestream Facebook is currently well-known as one of the most effective business tools. Especially this method is very popular with online sellers on Facebook. It is the reason live stream is a feature that Facebook priorities in the current time, both in the notice and displaying.

Mostly, when using smartphone or tablet and PC to surf Facebook, people often see some live streams on the top of newsfeeds. Besides, the notice feature also is set up to make people get information about who is doing a live stream and who finished live stream already.


To perform well a live stream, people have to prepare many things, and they often follow some steps as below:

  1. Preparation

The preparation step is one of the most critical steps that make up success in any online marketing program or also in any field. People often say that A successful preparation is preparing for a victory. To qualify for a useful live stream of online business, what do people need to make?

  • Identifying the target customers: It is a phase to determine who is likely watching that Livestream. Who are they? How old are they? What are their favorites and what is their behaviors?
  • Identifying the objectives of live stream: The purposes may be selling new products, sell-off stocked products, increase interactions, informing an interesting program… It should be clear to tell inform to customers.
  • Idea generations and drawing the live stream structure: It is when you answer some questions that: What is the topic of a live stream? What is its style? What are its contents?
  • Preparation host: There is a person who is called as a host who manages and runs the live stream. He/she should prepare a convenient, comfortable and police outfit that ensure a high level of brand recognizing and being easy to change different modes. Besides, that person should make about the feeling, voice appearance… before starting live stream because live stream is a continuous process of talking, hence a not good mood or health will affect the operation of the live stream.

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The channels of Social Media or social networking sites are to address as the trusted places by users to use for many purposes when access to the Internet such as entertainment, sales online, search and update information, friend connection … Currently, the Internet has appeared a lot with Social Media channels with the diverse public and private functions, fulfilling for the different needs of users.


Below is a list of the largest social media channel with the introduction about them:

  1. Facebook

As of the present time, Facebook still occupied location unique when every day there is 1.15 billion Facebook accounts access and active on that platform. (According to statistics from Facebook, 12/2016)

Worldwide, there are more than 1.94 billion Facebook active accounts each month (updated on March 3/2017)

It is possible to say that this Social Media channel, with many diverse functions, has had so many supports for users. People access Facebook not only to chat, nowadays, Facebook as a  network in which each user’s status is a kind of news. Facebook is also the place for users to stay connected, work, implementation of the project or plan.

There are many people making money on Facebook with the cheap cost of advertising or applying an online business.

  1. Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular channel on the Web today. Millions of videos have been uploaded and shared here, ranging from movie trailers to amateur videos of cats – and everything in between.

Anyone with an Internet connection can share content on YouTube, whether they are organizations with large budgets or an individual with a video camera. YouTube is owned by Google, and is one of their most popular peripheral properties. YouTube was the first large-scale video sharing site on the Web, and it is available in nearly every country and over fifty different languages. Anyone can upload content here, which makes for an utterly astonishing array of watchable content. Continue reading

Online making (Or called Make Money Online – MMO) is a trend that popularly makes the earning currently. You may see your neighbor or your classmate who did not go to working place but they also have much of money and being online 24/24. So it is sure that you are wondering what are they doing?. I am here to make you understand about various ways of making online money that are suitable for students.

The basic of MMO is using a phone or computer that has internet connection to do some activities or tasks to get the purpose of making money. In general, MMO has a wide meaning that is utilizing your online environment to make money. The characteristic s of freedom, comfort, chance, potential were attracted more and more people come in online making community, to consider online job as a main job to get money.

There are many people who can get the large and regular earning per month about $1000, $2000 even 10.000$ per month. At present there are a lot of ways, or the method of making money on the net. But be careful, because in parallel with many prestigious form brings endless opportunities, there will also be no less the form of phishing, abusing the trust of new members. They mostly scam people with little knowledge about technology or strangers to the digital world.

There are many forms of MMO as below:

  • Primary forms: Doing survey, click advertising, setting phone apps… These are basic forms of MMO but theirs earning is not much. Hence, it just is suitable to students who just want to make money to have coffee and charging phone. The real MMO people will did not follow these types of MMO for a long time.
  • Professional forms: As its name, in this area, people will utilize all popular platforms to make money such as: Affiliate network, youtube, amazon, google… They have theirs program to cooperate with these large platforms to get large payment. They also have a deep and professional knowledge about social media and technology.
  • Online business: It is the way of utilizing social media platform to create and raise the number of customers as well as develop the business activities.

Following I will go to explain detail about each form of making money:

  1. Making online money with Affiliate Marketing

It appeared in Vietnam from 1 decade before, Affiliate Marketing is considered as one of the easiest way of making money for new comer. About its meaning, you can understand when you bring products of large brands to advertise on your unique website or link. If there is any customer buy products through your links, you will get incentive and commission.


With affiliate, you don’t need to have special products to sell out, and you also don’t need to care about the inventory process as well as the customer service. Standing on the point of the enterprise, affiliate also is an effective form to advertising their product because they just have to pay for results, orders… That’s reason there are many companies both small and large also apply this program of affiliate that opened more and more chance to MMO community. Continue reading

Have you ever thought of organizing mini game (gambling) on Facebook to increase number of likes as well as customer interactions? If the answer is yes then it’s great!

But are you sure that your preparation steps were full, effective to attract a large number clients involved?
To help you have more peace of mind, I’ll share to you 5 steps to help you create a perfect mini game on Facebook.

  1. Identify what is your objective?

Firstly, you should try to think what you want to achieve in this contest? Think carefully to about what you really want to get after this mini game. For example, if you are a new member of the Facebook sales page because of less contact and sites in Facebook page, you can held a mini game with the goal of attracting likes of customers.


Some popular objectives can be such as:

# Increase the number of weekly likes for page: If you have just opened a new online shop, you have yet not reputation and loyal customer then this is your target goal.

For example, you open the lottery game to attract like by the way:

  • Each player will like your page
  • After that, you must share your game on their wall
  • Finally, they have to comment any number after share
  • You will select the winner by randomly choose a numbers based on the ending number  of the Lottery results
  • Select one or a few valuable gifts to excite players

# Increase in sale volume: If you’re having new goods, it will be very beneficial when you open a small game to increase sales.

# Flush old products, get new one: On the occasion such as before holiday, changing season time, you can open the game to find new owners for old products to get the new products. This way will not only help you quickly have space for new products, but also increase sale outcome.

# Customer: After a long time of doing successful business, you want to say grateful thanks to customer, a mini game is also suitable to sent different gift to clients and they definitely will feel very happy and continuously support your shop.

You should set a specific goal of like number for every mini game. It means how many likes you want to reach after a mini-game. Forexample, before opening game, you are having 1000 likes, after that you want to have 5000 likes. Only when you can identify a clear goal, you can calculate the cost and number of gifts, also can manage the effectiveness of mini game.

There are many forms of mini game that you can choose to held to attract more interactions such as: sweepstakes, share photos, create videos, comments on the product, puzzle challenge.

  1. Don’t forget to create a game with the principle of “Everyone can easily join”

You should describe the requirement as well as the rule of game easily, simply.  It should be easy to understand by everyone that anyone can participate in gambling. More people join, your store will be have higher interactions and likes… Continue reading

Earning money is a need as well as a driving force which helps to improve our quality life. Apart from the official job where you are working in the office in the official time, you totally can find out a online job which allows you work at home.

Below is a list of 5 ideas of earning money online which you can wonder to choose the best suitable job to earn money at home. Remember that this is a passive income which is different with active income, means that you still can do that even when you had an official job of 8 hours per day. This kind of income will self-creation the income flow to your pocket even when you did not perform the job, you still have income.

Let’s see!

  1. Making Youtube video

YouTube allows users to create video on any field such as music, film comments, share comments, comedy videos, reviews, game guides, technical help ….; then, if you uploading video on YouTube and meeting the certain requirements, your video will be attached Google AdSense. From that, the ad will automatically be put in your video. If there is any visitor would click on these ads, you will gain money.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This method of earning money is suitable for people who have an active private blog or website. At this time, you can accept to promote some products on your page and will be charged a fixed price or percentage of the amount of the transactions what are made. When visitors to your site to access this link, you get the money. In addition, the problem is the product marketing here should be the product/service interested you or directly related to your website.

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Also by affiliate marketing, you can register as a middle-man of a distribution process of product to reach the final customers. It is easy to understand that you will upload the image, detail information of the products as same with selling it online. Whenever you got the customers, you will order on the main website and put the address of customers to ship directly to them. You will not pay money or get the products. You just are a middle man to get commission or gap in the prices. Continue reading