18% of ads on television created an excellent rate of ROI return on investment.
– 84% of B2B campaigns bring on lower revenue levels.
– 100% is investing more in advertising to generate more 1%-2% of sales.
– 14% consumers trust in advertising
– 69% of consumers prefer ad-blocking technology
Above data showed that advertising becomes less effective currently. In this context, people think about advertising by viral video – It is a useful tool for the company.
1. What is the viral video?
One day, you get a video clip on the Internet. You hit the Play button and start enjoying it. You feel this video is exciting and start thinking of going to share it with your friends, your relatives. You hope that they can also get an exciting experience when watching the video, or you want to share a specific message to the people that you love. After watching that video, your friends also have the same thoughts, and they continue sharing it to others.
Just like that, the original video clip likes a virus that is spreading from person to person exponentially.create-viral-video-marketing-campaign-1024x538

2. Importance of the viral video
The viral video allows people to communicate the core messages about their products and services concisely with full of information and highly entertaining. Moreover, this video has spreading ability both in natural or being promoted according to the dispersal mechanism based on emotion and psychology. The feelings here are: funny, touching, happy, curious, irritating, frustrating, angry, pressing … Viral Video helps people perform their dream when they: Continue reading

Livestream Facebook is currently well-known as one of the most effective business tools. Especially this method is very popular with online sellers on Facebook. It is the reason live stream is a feature that Facebook priorities in the current time, both in the notice and displaying.

Mostly, when using smartphone or tablet and PC to surf Facebook, people often see some live streams on the top of newsfeeds. Besides, the notice feature also is set up to make people get information about who is doing a live stream and who finished live stream already.


To perform well a live stream, people have to prepare many things, and they often follow some steps as below:

  1. Preparation

The preparation step is one of the most critical steps that make up success in any online marketing program or also in any field. People often say that A successful preparation is preparing for a victory. To qualify for a useful live stream of online business, what do people need to make?

  • Identifying the target customers: It is a phase to determine who is likely watching that Livestream. Who are they? How old are they? What are their favorites and what is their behaviors?
  • Identifying the objectives of live stream: The purposes may be selling new products, sell-off stocked products, increase interactions, informing an interesting program… It should be clear to tell inform to customers.
  • Idea generations and drawing the live stream structure: It is when you answer some questions that: What is the topic of a live stream? What is its style? What are its contents?
  • Preparation host: There is a person who is called as a host who manages and runs the live stream. He/she should prepare a convenient, comfortable and police outfit that ensure a high level of brand recognizing and being easy to change different modes. Besides, that person should make about the feeling, voice appearance… before starting live stream because live stream is a continuous process of talking, hence a not good mood or health will affect the operation of the live stream.

Continue reading

The channels of Social Media or social networking sites are to address as the trusted places by users to use for many purposes when access to the Internet such as entertainment, sales online, search and update information, friend connection … Currently, the Internet has appeared a lot with Social Media channels with the diverse public and private functions, fulfilling for the different needs of users.


Below is a list of the largest social media channel with the introduction about them:

  1. Facebook

As of the present time, Facebook still occupied location unique when every day there is 1.15 billion Facebook accounts access and active on that platform. (According to statistics from Facebook, 12/2016)

Worldwide, there are more than 1.94 billion Facebook active accounts each month (updated on March 3/2017)

It is possible to say that this Social Media channel, with many diverse functions, has had so many supports for users. People access Facebook not only to chat, nowadays, Facebook as a  network in which each user’s status is a kind of news. Facebook is also the place for users to stay connected, work, implementation of the project or plan.

There are many people making money on Facebook with the cheap cost of advertising or applying an online business.

  1. Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular channel on the Web today. Millions of videos have been uploaded and shared here, ranging from movie trailers to amateur videos of cats – and everything in between.

Anyone with an Internet connection can share content on YouTube, whether they are organizations with large budgets or an individual with a video camera. YouTube is owned by Google, and is one of their most popular peripheral properties. YouTube was the first large-scale video sharing site on the Web, and it is available in nearly every country and over fifty different languages. Anyone can upload content here, which makes for an utterly astonishing array of watchable content. Continue reading

Online making (Or called Make Money Online – MMO) is a trend that popularly makes the earning currently. You may see your neighbor or your classmate who did not go to working place but they also have much of money and being online 24/24. So it is sure that you are wondering what are they doing?. I am here to make you understand about various ways of making online money that are suitable for students.

The basic of MMO is using a phone or computer that has internet connection to do some activities or tasks to get the purpose of making money. In general, MMO has a wide meaning that is utilizing your online environment to make money. The characteristic s of freedom, comfort, chance, potential were attracted more and more people come in online making community, to consider online job as a main job to get money.

There are many people who can get the large and regular earning per month about $1000, $2000 even 10.000$ per month. At present there are a lot of ways, or the method of making money on the net. But be careful, because in parallel with many prestigious form brings endless opportunities, there will also be no less the form of phishing, abusing the trust of new members. They mostly scam people with little knowledge about technology or strangers to the digital world.

There are many forms of MMO as below:

  • Primary forms: Doing survey, click advertising, setting phone apps… These are basic forms of MMO but theirs earning is not much. Hence, it just is suitable to students who just want to make money to have coffee and charging phone. The real MMO people will did not follow these types of MMO for a long time.
  • Professional forms: As its name, in this area, people will utilize all popular platforms to make money such as: Affiliate network, youtube, amazon, google… They have theirs program to cooperate with these large platforms to get large payment. They also have a deep and professional knowledge about social media and technology.
  • Online business: It is the way of utilizing social media platform to create and raise the number of customers as well as develop the business activities.

Following I will go to explain detail about each form of making money:

  1. Making online money with Affiliate Marketing

It appeared in Vietnam from 1 decade before, Affiliate Marketing is considered as one of the easiest way of making money for new comer. About its meaning, you can understand when you bring products of large brands to advertise on your unique website or link. If there is any customer buy products through your links, you will get incentive and commission.


With affiliate, you don’t need to have special products to sell out, and you also don’t need to care about the inventory process as well as the customer service. Standing on the point of the enterprise, affiliate also is an effective form to advertising their product because they just have to pay for results, orders… That’s reason there are many companies both small and large also apply this program of affiliate that opened more and more chance to MMO community. Continue reading

Have you ever thought of organizing mini game (gambling) on Facebook to increase number of likes as well as customer interactions? If the answer is yes then it’s great!

But are you sure that your preparation steps were full, effective to attract a large number clients involved?
To help you have more peace of mind, I’ll share to you 5 steps to help you create a perfect mini game on Facebook.

  1. Identify what is your objective?

Firstly, you should try to think what you want to achieve in this contest? Think carefully to about what you really want to get after this mini game. For example, if you are a new member of the Facebook sales page because of less contact and sites in Facebook page, you can held a mini game with the goal of attracting likes of customers.


Some popular objectives can be such as:

# Increase the number of weekly likes for page: If you have just opened a new online shop, you have yet not reputation and loyal customer then this is your target goal.

For example, you open the lottery game to attract like by the way:

  • Each player will like your page
  • After that, you must share your game on their wall
  • Finally, they have to comment any number after share
  • You will select the winner by randomly choose a numbers based on the ending number  of the Lottery results
  • Select one or a few valuable gifts to excite players

# Increase in sale volume: If you’re having new goods, it will be very beneficial when you open a small game to increase sales.

# Flush old products, get new one: On the occasion such as before holiday, changing season time, you can open the game to find new owners for old products to get the new products. This way will not only help you quickly have space for new products, but also increase sale outcome.

# Customer: After a long time of doing successful business, you want to say grateful thanks to customer, a mini game is also suitable to sent different gift to clients and they definitely will feel very happy and continuously support your shop.

You should set a specific goal of like number for every mini game. It means how many likes you want to reach after a mini-game. Forexample, before opening game, you are having 1000 likes, after that you want to have 5000 likes. Only when you can identify a clear goal, you can calculate the cost and number of gifts, also can manage the effectiveness of mini game.

There are many forms of mini game that you can choose to held to attract more interactions such as: sweepstakes, share photos, create videos, comments on the product, puzzle challenge.

  1. Don’t forget to create a game with the principle of “Everyone can easily join”

You should describe the requirement as well as the rule of game easily, simply.  It should be easy to understand by everyone that anyone can participate in gambling. More people join, your store will be have higher interactions and likes… Continue reading

Earning money is a need as well as a driving force which helps to improve our quality life. Apart from the official job where you are working in the office in the official time, you totally can find out a online job which allows you work at home.

Below is a list of 5 ideas of earning money online which you can wonder to choose the best suitable job to earn money at home. Remember that this is a passive income which is different with active income, means that you still can do that even when you had an official job of 8 hours per day. This kind of income will self-creation the income flow to your pocket even when you did not perform the job, you still have income.

Let’s see!

  1. Making Youtube video

YouTube allows users to create video on any field such as music, film comments, share comments, comedy videos, reviews, game guides, technical help ….; then, if you uploading video on YouTube and meeting the certain requirements, your video will be attached Google AdSense. From that, the ad will automatically be put in your video. If there is any visitor would click on these ads, you will gain money.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This method of earning money is suitable for people who have an active private blog or website. At this time, you can accept to promote some products on your page and will be charged a fixed price or percentage of the amount of the transactions what are made. When visitors to your site to access this link, you get the money. In addition, the problem is the product marketing here should be the product/service interested you or directly related to your website.

Promote your fanpage!


Also by affiliate marketing, you can register as a middle-man of a distribution process of product to reach the final customers. It is easy to understand that you will upload the image, detail information of the products as same with selling it online. Whenever you got the customers, you will order on the main website and put the address of customers to ship directly to them. You will not pay money or get the products. You just are a middle man to get commission or gap in the prices. Continue reading

Currently, content marketing is strongly developing as a tool to promote Facebook for a company or an individual. In a decade, the content marketing has been used more widely by enterprises. There are many companies have hired experts, content marketing managers to run this department, create the blogs page as well as develop other materials. Some companies even proposed that content marketing can stop cold calling as previous period of time by attracting new customers, encourage customers contact with company and provider to get success transactions (Mandloys, 2013).

According to the researchers Frank v. Cespedes (the Faculty of the Harvard Business School) and Russ Heddleston (General Manager of DocSend company which provides content marketing administration solutions, headquartered in San Francisco), it is the time companies need have serious and effective evaluation about the role of content marketing and implementation different ways to improve this activity.


With over 34 million studies of the interaction between the client and the content on the DocSend application, Cepedes and Heddleston have taken the following advices to help businesses improve the effectiveness of content marketing (Kapost, 2012).

Attracting more customers by focusing on content marketing on Facebook

Business just has 3 minutes to make impression: Currently, the client has always been “bombed” with more information on the network. Research shows that the average time for them to read one content is 2 minutes 27 seconds. In that short period of time, the customer can give review and decide quickly that they should read more or not. Hence, researchers of company should share the relevant information to the client within the 2-5 pages.

Besides, company should identify when is the best time to send content to customers on Facebook which is not applied well by business currently. There are many researches showed that Tuesday afternoon or Thursday morning is the ideal time. However, according to the study by Cepedes and Huddleston, the visit number of customers on the seller’s website is almost evenly distributed for all days in a week, a little more on the Tuesday, Wendnesday and Thursday and a little less in Monday morning and Friday afternoon. There is an advice that businesses should not focus on a particular day. Instead, choosing the best suitable time to send the most appropriate content, business should use content based on the level and forms of interaction for each particular type of contents.

Promoting your content marketing on Facebook



Moreover, improving the quality of content also is a good idea to attract more viewers and customers on Facebook. Normally, content marketing of business just is built as a communication tool which is used to inform to customers and outsiders about product’s features and company’s news. It should be added more types of content such as giving unique appearances, changed content from informative purpose into educate purpose. Education content marketing is a new type of writing content for business which may create a new group of target customers and higher number of viewers. By creating useful content that provides value for your target buyers, you can work to engage these leads and help build awareness for your brand. Brand awareness is one of the most important benefits of content marketing.

Apart from that, the changing technology to implementing content marketing is very necessary with company in communication in Facebook. Is business still keep an outdate devices and accesses to do marketing activities? Company should invest and change into the latest options such as Responsive Web Design (RWD), providing a smooth access to users on different front-end devices.

Do you know that, in everything in the life, if you pay more attention in detail, you can perform that job more effective and get more good result. The same is in case of posting article or status on Facebook. You may not be a businessman, you don’t need to have a large number of likes or comments but without many efforts, you still can make your account become more dominant in social media and attract more friends in your status.  Why don’t you start to know about tips of get more likes on your  facebook post?

I am telling you about everything/factor around posting a status which includes many small things as listed below:

#1. Setting the mode of public, everybody in your profile and your status00001-14-300x224

This action allows people who are not in your friend list come to your post to like, comment, discuss and talk to you. It is an effective way to increase likes and interactions in Facebook.

In case of doing business, it task is very necessary to coonect with strange customers just by the way they search for the products in Facebook, and your product only can appear in the results when you set the public mode of your articles.

#2. Regularly update your cover photo and profile picture

Do you recognize that when you update the cover and profile photos, you will get more likes and comments when you just change it as a daily photo, even they are same? Yes, it has able to appear directly in other’s newsfeed and it totally can get more likes and comments. Then, there is no reason you want to have more likes in your account but you keep no changing your cover.

There are some people say that they don’t like accounts which have no cover and profile pictures because it did not create credibility on them. You also should attend on this.

Do it flexibly! You can have more interactions and likes as well as updating in your account.

Promote your Facebook?

#3. Regularly update status on your Facebook account

You can know that only interesting and attracting post will be able to connect people and attract them to give likes, comments, shares on that post. It should have some purposes such as: provide information, advertising, educating…

You also can choose the quote of the famous people which is viral and trend to attract more fans and interested people.

#4.Tag friends


Tagging also is one of the effectives way to make attention which allow you to add more friends in your post and just only by that tags, you have a big number of comments and likes already. Tagging will immediately make you get more likes because your status will appear immediately on your friends’ timeline and their friend’s timeline. It is possible to list friend of that person can come and lieks your post.

#5. Identifying when is the optimal time of posting on facebook


There is an interesting survey that sometimes the status which you though very interesting could not create the attention as expected. This is probably not the fault of the content, it may because you’ve chosen the wrong moment.

To have more likes on Facebook, you must post at the time when there are many people online on Facebook. According to a survey, the moments which are the most suitable times to post status such as:
06:30 before working
10:30 preparing to finish the job the morning
12:00 lunch time
17:30-22:00 relaxing time at home
Facebook supports the timer feature to post later the status which you have already prepared, Facebook will take up the top news feed in your chosen time.

To use this feature, you open Status, select the photo of clock and choose the time you want to post. There is a limit here is just timed out on that day.

#6, Like your post

If you’ve like your status already then you just unlike and like it again. This is one of the simplest ways to increase likes on Facebook.This action helps your status appear on the top of the news feed, Get more likes in Facebook. Alternative one is that you comment on your status to have the same effect.


Facebook has become more popular in the world, it makes your information is in public and open situation with entire the world. With modern life at the same time, it seems that the digital social network is an indispensable dish in our daily lives. It as a second home where people can recommend, share of mind, emotional, difficulty, story … People will be easy to connect and access your information as well as your status to know more about you. It contains many threats. You cannot predict all the things may happen after the current status your posts. So, let’s consider before actually posting something on your personal page. This writing is to help you avoid some risks by sharing not necessary information on facebook.

#1. Love relationship

Loving couple

Loving couple

There are many of you think that showing lovers on Facebook to get certificate of friends is a necessary action in love. By that way, they will have more trust and love from your partners and your love will be difficult to break up. In fact, you should only share secret to those who you really trust. You should not public it on social media because there are few people may seek quietly split sentiments of you two.

#2. Personal information


It contains phone numbers, home addresses, email, birthday … which should not be public on the social network. I am sure that you wouldn’t want to be bothered by the spam, advertising news, right? It is also contain the risk of hacking personal account and tracking by evildoers. Even, the worst scenario is someone taking your personal available information then uses your image and information to fake, scam or post up the unhealthy websites.

#3. Property

Limit posted photos showing money, housing, savings … on the Facebook is an useful way to help you avoid trouble. You don’t know whether are there any people scam or jealous with you, especially is strangers on social networks who may take some actions which may affect badly to you. 25955D4300000578-2950952-Imitation_Tomer_says_the_same_people_who_call_him_a_show_off_ste-a-69_1423867563379

#4. Perspectives, negative prejudices about family, friends, colleagues, school, company

Perhaps you’ve heard the story that the employers will review personal page before recruiting someone to do the work. So, don’t be foolish to post “public” of the complaints, blame on friends, and colleagues at school or the company. Most likely, the new workplace will have a intimate relationship to the old place, and once there, your application will certainly be ripped off to one side without looking at the degree or qualification. In addition, if still studying, working in the old place that you always blame the sooner it also to the ear (she) or Master Chief as the capital of the same lecture environment where work is not big, just you hinted moment as everyone can guess out, and some of them will have at least an accumulator who your favorite and not accuse you.

Also, if you have some conflicts with members I family or in company, you should meet, speak directly or ask the third person to resolve it. You should avoid bringing it up to social network to talk and discuss which will make the problem become more complex and also you will be underestimated by other irrespective you are right or not. Generally, all the contradictions, disagreements should be solved in the real life only.

Have you ever jealous with your friend when they can get many likes in her post while you just get discretely some likes on Facebook? Have you ever fallen in a situation when you post an interesting post in Facebook but one likes, or comments on it, but some normal photo are very noticeable. It simply because you didn’t post at the right time and also lacked media skills on Facebook. Actually posting image or status on the Facebook is an art. You also need to invest your efforts and time to attract as much as likes possible for your account.


Your post will not get many likes and attractions when there are just few friends or fans are online, whether your photo is perfect or not. Just some people can see it and of course it also doesn’t get much like. So, it is sure that you want to know the ideal moment to post photo on Facebook?

Promote your Facebook?

Stop being jealous when others have many likes on Facebook!

The study of the BuddyMedia page indicates that compared to the other days in a week, if you post your photo or post on Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Facebook, and especially in the afternoon, is the most common time to post your status. At these times, the interaction of people will be higher of 18% than other period of time. It is understandable because these days are near to last week then people like surfing Facebook than working.


But the ideal time will vary on types of your post and your target audiences.

The first, you must determine who will read the information that you want to post? And what is routine those people usually like? For example, your audience is ages from 16-24 years, they are still in school, and then when is the time they use Facebook the most?

Your audiences are official people, they may have chance to surf Facebook every time. Or your customers are the people who are just able to online in breaking times? These things, you are able to answer. For example: my audiences are from 16-24 years, 70% members of this group are students who may surf the Facebook when they have just opened eyes, i.e. from 6-8 am. More than 60% of them will online Facebook while sitting in class. Particularly, there are most students who are able to online Facebook in breaking times between lessons. 86% of them would online Facebook while watching television, the majority will hold the device to the Facebook before go to bed…


Then, you can research about your audience group to have useful information, serve for the post.

The second, you can use the information from the reports of Google Analytics and Insight Facebook that Facebook users usually log on to Facebook. According to a study, there are upto 86% of articles are posted for the week.

The third is about the type of information you want to share. There are many types of information which are good to share on the noon time, other times it does not bring high efficiency.  For example, you sell the food products at night; naturally the post on the day will not get high effectiveness. Or you sell junk food for offices like: Pizza, Spaghetti, tea, porridge …, you have to sell on the office time to attract officers buy it. So, depending on the group of objects, audience will have different time of online Facebook, different groups will have different habits.

Generally, there are some moments of the day which you need attention:

Breakfast: from 6-8 am

Lunch: from 11-12 am

Afternoon: 5-6 pm

Dinner: 8-9 pm

  • Optimization images to be viewed on mobile

According to research, people are using Facebook on mobile devices double the time they use on the computer. Therefore, the images need to be optimized to allow viewing on mobile phones. Image size should not too heavy, and large of volume.

  • Using apps to edit and make your photo more beautiful


This will help you attract more people and friend come your post and interact to you. There are some apps such as: Lightroom, Snapseed, VSCO, Prisma. They have a full range of basic features such as cutting, changing color, contrast … and many other useful filters. The application includes many advanced features such as synchronizing the settings and edit photos between computers with telephone.

  • Writing a short, unique and attractive caption


Writing the short but unique will be useful to make you get more likes on the Facebook. If your post contains less than 250 characters, you will receive more than 60% of interaction, and if it lesser 80 characters, this figure will increase up to 66%.

People can also know about it by ourselves whenever having a too long the article on Facebook, we often tend to ignore it. Therefore, keep the post short and unique is very important.