Content digital trending in marking strategy 2019!

Content Digital Marketing is the marketing activities of a business or brand focused on creating & distributing value information related to the product/service. With the purpose of attracting, retaining the reader, content marketing can promote the audiences’ behaviour & convert them into customers.

The content digital marketing strategy is indispensable in a perfect marketing strategy of business. Content marketing has mission to attract and approach customers with innovative, useful information. This content will assume the responsibility to change the users’ behavior and convert them from potential customers become customers of the business.

Currently, users are very close with digital technology. Every business needs to build ads, brand image in the customers’ minds in which the application content digital marketing plays a big role to the business success. accessible-3715422_960_720
Content marketing is classified according to the function and the form. With the functions, content has some different types such as informative content, entertainment content, useful content.

  1. Informative content

It provides useful information to help the reader find out the solution to resolve the problem. The article will bring out the possible solutions but also integrating the business brand into it. These articles would create sympathy to attract targeted customers. The great example of this type of content is in educating field. Some English centre always use informative content to provide to readers much useful information about tops to speaking English, the grammar problem or any situation in conversation English. At the end or in the middle article, the English centre will PR for its service to attract customers.

  1. Entertainment content

This is a sample content brings extremely high viral effects. In this type of content, the business often tells a story or just amuses short advertisements. Articles usually are put in humorous situations to make people interested so that they will spread the information about the brand, trademarks, products to other users through the interesting stories. However, the advanced positioning brands seriously should not apply this concept because entertainment content will be easy to create a negative effect.

    3. Useful content

This type of content is a free tool to solve problems for customers. It helps remind regularly customers about the brand. The advantages of this type of content is easily measured the uses of customers through  weekly click. For example: App Misa helps you track and analyze daily spending is a content of the Misa accounting software company.


In the form, it is possible to divided content into multiple categories as below:

  1. Article Content

Article is the most basic form of content that is usually presented as the information article or blog. This is the type of content to provide knowledge for the reader with using keywords related to trademarks to impact a certain reader group. In addition, it is also the form of diary on the internet when the writer refers to one or a few specific areas to express their opinions.
There are some popular forms or article content such as how-to Content, , listing content, comparison different product review, Case Studies, guiding content, interviewing content…

2. Ebook contentoffice-3154815_960_720

An ebook is a package of the content in a different format, usually as PDF. EBooks are often free to download to receive list mail. Producing ebooks can help you enhance the reputation of an industry. It also is a good method to share your knowledge with everyone.

3. Image content
The beautiful photo always attracted the customers at the first sight. However, users who always put the veracity of the information on the top of their evaluation for content. Thus, a photo need being beautiful but also it need looking as real. The image content is creating extremely integrative effects that you can see on the popular power of Instagram.

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4. Video content
Video content is the trend on the media currently when Youtube and Facebook continually promote array video marketing. An effective video content needs to have good ideas that carries the motivating factors shared (touch the right customer insight, funny) accompanied by beautiful pictures.

There are some trends on the content digital marketing in 2019 as:

It is a very attractive type of content currently when it has the great effects to purchasing decision of customers. To see is to believe. Every day, there are 500 million hours of video content on YouTube and viewed more than half a billion internet users watch video online on Facebook. A large number of people are looking to purchase products and services. According to LinkedIn, 75% of B2B marketers believe video is one of the most important content in the digital strategy of the business. To success with video marketing, need to focus on positive, friendly to mobile devices and has a regular publishing schedule, be optimized.

  • Interaction by voice:
  • phan-loai-content-digital-marketing-696x464

Voice interaction is developing very fast thanks to Siri, Google, Alexa and a series of other “smart” devices. The user considered voice on this application as a virtual assistant. Accordingly, users tend to use this virtual assistant every day to search for useful information, shopping and exploring.

  • Visual content:

Visual Content will be the key strategy to assert your superior creativity than the opponent. Photos & infographic on your website or social media would be the same form this content deployment. With the infographic, content brings “inspired” read & high viral feature will still be strong deployment on websites, social media platform.

  • Personalization content

The personalization content continuously brings influences to a good purchase effect. Most people are easy to trust people who are similar them or also have same experiences. This content format needs to build the cohesive stories to find common points and lead the buyers come to act.

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