Guidelines to do business effectively in Instagram for starters

Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular networks for people who want to make money online. While there is a saturation of online business on Facebook, people tend to move to Instagram with many new strategies to promote online business. You are a starter in social media, and you have ideas to do business in a new network of Instagram, but you did not know how to start. Below are some guidelines and steps to help you have an active transaction on Instagram.
1. Creating an Instagram Account
Instagram is an image, video – sharing application on smartphone and it also is considered as a popular network. There is an individual thing on Instagram that all images are formatted for square images with a lot of special color effects through the available filters. If you want to sell products on Instagram, it’s necessary to start downloading this application on your phone and create a personal account.

Step 1: Download Instagram on Google Play.
Step 2: Click on the Instagram icons to choose the registration options with Facebook or Email.
Step 3: Fill in turn information: email address, display name, and password — the display name you should set it as the shop’s name and do not contain spaces and other special characters. In the bottom section allows you to set up the profile by adding your name, phone number and update the image.
Step 4: Select full mark in the top right of the phone screen.
2. Seeking potential products
There is a close relationship between Instagram and Facebook. Hence, it is the benefit to you when you start following all people who were in the friend list of your Facebook account already. Yi, You should support them and look for customers from across their page are those who follow and interact with them.
In another way, you can access the searing zone where two available options searching for people who have the newest post or texting their name’s account to follow them. different with the Facebook page when you have to sit waiting for customers to click like or paid to advertise to many users know to you, Instagram lets you follow everyone that does not need to ask permission or wait for others to accept.
There is another important thing that you should to do is focusing on useful information about products, services that will attract people to come to view your posts. The customers will be very easily to get you like or follow when they also get the interest and benefits.
You also should not forget to connect or cross you Instagram links to another platform such as Twitter, Snapchat to cross more follows.
Instagram marketing
There is fast increasing of the number of users on Instagram. After only two years of operation, this app had a milestone of 100 million users, while to get this result, Facebook took four years, and Twiter must wait up to five years. It is an application that promises a lot of potentials so why you don’t start marketing Instagram to get higher earning? Or in other words, you should take advantage of the Instagram superiorities to build marketing strategies on a higher level.
First, you should upload the interesting, eye-catching photos of your products and services and take advantage of 19 effects that Instagram offers to create creative shots. The largest coffee brand in the world – has done by that way. They always upload and post the interest and attractive photos of Frappuccino coffee, cupcake and the other traditional products in a manner extremely unique. As a result, it brings them millions of daily tracking.
A recommendation for you that you shouldn’t put up the boring such as tables, graphs. You only should focus on creating real feelings about your products and services. At the same time, you should also avoid posting too many photos a day or re- using the pictures because people tend to be attracted by the new and creative things only.
3. Organizing a photos contest
It is a good and creative idea to attract more people to come to your shop on Instagram. This is one of the most attractive marketing ways that can help to get more potential customers on all the social networking channels and Instagram is no exception. Let’s hold a contest that calls for actions of all people when they will send the photos captured on your product and then uploaded on Instagram including one comment and features integrated hashtag of your shop. This will increase brand equity of your shop and improve the interactions on Instagram. Daily or weekly, you will select the best photos to award.


Or you can learn the lesson from Levi when it searched for the representative model by posting the photos of wearing the outfit of Levi’s jeans. There were more than 3,500 photographs were chosen to attend the premiere of the newest jeans model, and the winner will appear on the catwalk Levi’s 2012. By holding contests like this, your products naturally are marketed extensively without losing too much cost and effort.
4. Sharing the backstage moments
The famous retailer Zappos said that the photographs from the phases of designing, generating ideas, its production can attract interests of users than the other ordinary advertising photographs. Indeed, current clients have curiosity beyond the range of the product. They want to know about how your business works, create specific products, what is your infrastructure architecture?…



You don’t just pay attention to advertising products, services; you entirely can share the corporate landscape pictures on a special occasion, a banquet, meeting, event, or even real-life images. Here’s how to reach customers in a friendly practical way.

To utilize the effectiveness of Instagram, you can think about doing mini game to attract more customers as my guidlines: Increase interaction by using minigame or try creating a catchy caption also is a good way to help you have more followers on Instagram.

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