Guidlines to become an Influencer on social media!

“Everyone can be influencer, in a sense”

According to statistics in Europe, there are 74% consumers accessing to the social media to get consult, product reviews from people. 92% believe in the introduction from someone other than advertising. The majority of those who were asked about the ads, they always believed and said that: the ad boasted. Therefore, the application of the traditional advertising forms is no longer an optimal solution. In recent years, when the development of the information technology and social networking is very strong, Influencer Marketing become one of the best marketing solution to build up a successful advertising campaign.

Become Influencer on Instagram!

Influencer marketing has become an integral part of the communication strategy on the social networks of many brands in recent years. The chart below shows how many brands in different sectors are working with influencers on Instagram, according to a recent report of L2, Inc.

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Go with the growth of social networking platforms, users are very fed up with the message of business that: “I am good. You should try me“. Instead, people often update news about celebrities, reputable people and experts in their interested fields. A compliment to accompany photographs glitter of celebrity products can have more impacts on the consumer behavior than by the simple advertising. The term “Influencer Marketing” is the calling of a marketing trend thanks to influential people. The concept of Influencer Marketing can lead to the associated Word-of-Mouth Marketing and Advocate Marketing.

Because of development of Influencer marketing, there are many people can get a high income just because of their reputation and the famous level. The special thing in influencer is that you may be not talent person but you can impress the community and you are easy to become famous. Yes, it is time you are an influencer on the social media and you have potentials to become a good influencer marketing.


Have you ever heard about a hot Youtube channel when cute and interesting videos of a baby boy are recorded to upload on Youtube. The social media fast spread these video, and that buy soon become a famous person. He is invited in some photo shoot times as well as in some reality TV shows… He became the representatives for some kid brands such as: Clothes, bag, toys… He is an influence on Youtube.

Tell a story as above to say that: Everyone can be influencer if he/she has a suitable strategy for develop individual brand on social media. In this article, I will give you some guidelines to help you become an Influencer on social media.


  1. Focus on your content

If you are a blogger, choosing the best topic to say about is the priority thing. You have to research some trending topic, determine the most popular type of content, start creating content types. An alternative strategy is to study the wording of the title and the picture to determine what attracts most bloggers.

If you are Instagram, you should focus on the photo’s quality. Don’t expect that capture a blurry image or writing a newspaper article in five minutes then it can cross millions readers and followers share and love… No way! Before shooting the photo, you should use Google to search the most photographed locations in the area, travel to picturesque places, create the layout and edit of images by different mobile applications. Learning the secrets of the photo shoot on Youtube can also help you create the photo quality. In each Instagram post, the image must have the surprising or exciting element to attract viewers and fans.

  1. Create the unique things on your page

Forget what you learned in school, please break all the rules because the diggital   world is a world of difference and creativity. The more unique articles, the more attracted followers you will get on your page. The more content geared to the values differ, the more attracted the attention of audiences. It’s reason why there are many scandals on social media to attract followers, but you should follow the good way to be famous, not by some bad scandals.

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  1. Cooperate with other influencer

Don’t think you can become a star on digital within 24 hours. It takes at least a year to an influencer can be noticed by brands and business. Often, they collaborate with many free projects to help develop their names in advance. They provide unique content sources, free for web sites, magazines, events and various other shops. They require only the places that allow posting articles, photos of them. They identified the other influencers and asked if can exchange the readers and audiences and fans. You will find that many influencers sharing photos and free content for each other. This extremely effective and has helped the Influencer attracted millions of readers and followers.

  1. Find an assistant

The more you expand your influence, then the less you do work on social media. It is an experience of wisdom of the Influencer in the Digital world. When you have an enough big size of the readers and followers, you should hire an assistant to help managing your content and increase the interaction with your audience. It also is a way to protect the individual value and brand to yourself.

This article will help the normal person become an influencer successfully. You are this blog’s reader, don’t miss out the chance to become an influencer on social media. Start this strategy and no one knows that you may be successful.

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