How to create a catchy caption in Instagram?

Have you ever click on reply button in Instagram even the photo in that Instagram did not uploaded successful. It just is because you are attracted by a catchy caption in that post. A good caption can attract more responds and support from your friends even when you don’t have dominant photos or any unique pictures.

  1. Asking a question

It really is an effective way to create more energy or more responds in any problem. Sometimes, there are people who really want to respond and interact to you more but they don’t know what they should say. In this case, a question in caption will help them to have some reaction as well as respond to you.


The question should be simple and understable. It can be either no query or an open-ended query. Some time, you make a question is not to get the answer, this only is used to create more interesting in your Instagram.

  1. Using a trend or famous sentence

Choosing a lyric sentence in your favorite song or poem to become caption is a popular way which still has effectiveness in attracting people. “Do you sell the wine? Why was I drunk when taking with you?”. Using a virus sentence has good ability to create the connection among people and they tend to respond and interact more than normal.

  1. Using emotion icons

Don’t forget to use eotion icons to express more detail your feelings and what you want to say. Cute icons will make people closer together and become easier to share the feeling. Also these icons will help your Instagram become more attractive and interesting.


  1. Using hashtags

Use the #hashtag to sort, categorize the content that helps people being easily to track, search and discover. You also can put more questions to interact with the user.
The arrangement of the hashtag in the description must also follow a suitable format. Usually, there will be 2 main forms to arrange a hashtag:


  • Setting #hashtag interspersed in the article in order to create focal points and people would click on each #unique_world. This way is suitable to artists who would like to think and explore creatively when writing the caption.
  • Ranking the hashtag in below phrase of the description is another way. This is often used when we have categorized the tags which match with each picture, it is also easy to copy and paste.


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