How Youtube calculate views for video?

People can imagine that when uploading a video, it is saved in the different YouTube servers spread around the globe. This allows a fast respond and updates the view number for that video. Whenever updating time for number views, the closest server will updated the first, follow by that are all other servers in the global network. It will finish when all servers are updated and eliminate all fake or low quality views and retain only good quality or real views to pay money on them.


Boosting your Youtube channel!

The updating may take sometimes, may be some days, then people should not be hurry when your number of views did not change in a short time. You should understand that it will be updated soon after summing up the data of all servers.

When a video has less than 300 views, the views are not verified. However, when views cross 300, YouTube starts verifying them to make sure that they are legitimate payback requests and not “fake” views. The same you should not surprise when the number of views is frozen when it reached 301, 302… views. It is time to servers process the data and update the new number of views for your video.

So how Youtube calculate views for video? 

youtube rpm

YouTube video views reflect how many times a video has been watched and can be an important measure of a video’s overall popularity. Video view is count only when viewer really wants to view wit without any participation of computer programs. It is identified that just views which are watched by viewers more than 30 seconds will be calculated as real views and be paid money. In conclusion, a view is a unique, user-initiated play of a certain secret percentage of a video that is played only by YouTube’s hosting.

Youtube also manage the number views are on the same IP of computer. It will eliminate all views in the same IP at the same time. Then you cannot use F5 to increase the views for video. You are sure not getting money on those types of views.

The view calculation is very strict to prevent any hacking or unfair activities to raise the views for video. It is to ensure a fair business between people who are making money on Youtube.


When boosting views in Youtube is very difficult but there are many people choose the way of buying views from the provider. The reason is that the provider has huge community who are joined in a group to perform the common task of raising views for orders. They also have intelligent algorithm to attract more people come to video and they tent to click to watch that video. It makes increasing in that video views. They also can use some techniques such as: Crossing views, creating hidden views button… payment on click, give away, game…

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