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The dating feature is one of the newest application on Facebook which currently is applied in about nearly 20 countries. In may 2019, Facebook countinously introducing this feature in some countries. Facebook Dating is a distinct feature of the Facebookapplication, which helps users to actively control their experience. Users can match with people who have the same interests and concerns.

According to Facebook, this feature helps users to easily meet and chat with people who have the same interests in a safe and in control ways.To use this feature, users must download the latest version of the Facebook application, select the pink heart sign of Facebook Dating in the Menu, then create a profile (different with the main profile on Facebook).

The user will be suggested people join based on hobbies and activities on Facebook. The user can select or ignore the suggested profile, messaging and chatting directly with the selected users on the Facebook Dating.

Features of Facebook Dating:

  • It is separated profile on Facebook: Facebook Dating provides a private space in the Facebook application. Facebook pledges not to share your dating activity on your profile or by anyone on Facebook.
  • Matching based on common features: users will see the hint-based and match their activity on Facebook to connect people who share something in common with each other.
  • Facebook will control the viewers of Facebook dating: With Facebook dating, only the connected people will view their dating profiles. The current friends and blocked people on Facebook will not be suggested, exception people using this feature also.




  • Choosing join group or events to meet the dating people: a user can choose to find others who are also using the dating features consistent with his wishes in the event and the group. When users choose this feature, others can also see their profile.
  • Enhancing the privacy controls: users have the ability to add or hide his friends in the suggestion list. Users also may report or block other users who made them uncomfortable.

Step 1: First of all, in the interface of individual Facebook account, you click on icon 3 dashes at the bottom right of the screen. After that, you press on with the dating features with heart-shaped icon.

Step 2: The introduction dating features on Facebook will happen, you should click Next below. Switch to the new interface, click Start to create a Dating profile.

Step 3: Next, Facebook announced some information sharing profile. Click to edit the privacy settings for some custom sharing. If you don’t want to edit, you can click on next button below.

Step 4: Choosing the correct gender to allow Facebook matching your profile with others. After finishing it, you should press on the Next button.


Step 5: To use the the dating feature on Facebook, the user should turn on location services to allow Facebookaccess on your current location. Press the Save button to save the location.

Step 6: The users cancontinously install theirs image for the dating profile. Press Add photo to open the photo gallery on Facebook, or can click on the camera icon to capture images directly.

When the image was uploaded, there are some editing options, such as cutting the picture, adding photo filters, adding text, stickers or drawings if desired. If editing is finished, then press Done button in the upper right corner.

Step 7: Eventually you will see the basic information shown on profile for others to see. Press the Confirm button below.

Step 8: In the interface of Facebook dating, there are 3 entries including the dating profile to allow you change the information if desired, Liked showspeople have sympathy with you, Chat shows the whole message.

Try Facebook dating!

Charmaine Hung – Facebook production managers shared his thinking about Facebook Datingfeature: “I have more than 2000 friends on Facebook, though I’m not close with total 2000 people but some of them may be suitable to me.We believe and know to each other enough to make friends, but I also need to know that they are interested in pushing the relationship up over the friendship or not, or whether they are interested in a relationship with me or not? TheFacebook Dating feature can help in case I don’t know how to open the mount or fear of rejection”.

In addition, this feature also has always ability to block the spam messages when you will be limited to add more users with the full 9. In addition, the chat box for this Dating is only going to feature the user information and basic text chat frame, avoid sending the bad file or picture/video abuse to others.

Facebook always tries to improve the experience of customers in its platform which help retain the customers satisfaction in the competitive market with many new social media platform. I want to tell you that Facebook is not only the place where you can enjoy and get the interested, but also it helps you make a lot of money if you know how to utilise it. Follow my blog, you will surely to get much useful information: Use Facebook effectively!


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