Secrets to increase followers on Instagram (2/2)

Increasing followers on Instagram is an art which needs to put more effort and a special patient because each page bases on its content, its situation and process of development. Also, the Instagram user should be smart to choose the best way to promote Instagram page. This article will follow to provide some other secrets to increase followers for an Instagram account. When have a special number of followers, the Instagram page will have its reliable and reputation to affect to customer’s decision.

  1. Use the geotag to increase the effectiveness in geography

You totally can enhance the access ability on your posts or stories from customers in particular areas by using geotag that is an electronic tag that assigns a geographical location to a photograph or video, a posting on a social media website, etc. By using geotag, the local businesses can enjoy many benefits of attracting the local customers to search efficiently, and access and buy the products.


When you reach a special place, you can use the geotag to connect and attract the Instagram user at that place come your post to have interaction and more communication. FX: #Singaporfood, #amazingindia, #redfort…

Boosting your Instagram

  1. Grouping the stories on Highlight

Every time a potential client accesses your Instagram page, you have only a concise period to convince them to follow his Instagram and interact with the post, stories. But you surely can use the “Highlight” feature in the profile to the group Instagram Stories. This is a way to introduce your shop, your business, your products to the new users/guests.

You can use the Highlight under the following purposes:

Brief introduction about your account

– Group the Stories into separate topics

– Describe and explain the characteristics of your product through pictures and video

– Promote your products using the link “paws up” (when the claws up, they will get more information, supporting your product). This feature is only available for accounts Instagram has at least 10,000 business people follow

Although the stories exist only within 24 hours, highlight feature on Instagram can make a dominant effect on the customers; create the first express to the customer that much affect their decision making.instagram-cta-examples

8. Attract new followers on your Instagram

It seems obvious, but this is one of the effective factors that help to increase the follower on your Instagram quickly. Hence, you don’t hesitate to “invite” clients to follow your page.

Typically, at the end of every YouTube video, you often hear YouTuber called for action “like comment and subscribe” for the video or channel. That is the method that YouTube uses to increase the weekly interactive for the video.

Instagram users can enjoy your uploaded contents but to make them follow and interact to you that need strong motivation.  Sometimes, the Instagram users are very lazy to press on the following button; they need a call for action or a reminder to do this.

Develop your Instagram!

Sometimes, you just need to “remind” them about following Instagram. Let’s insist that they follow the Instagram account will help them to get much more interesting content. Or tell them that they should interact more to get “content” secret hidden inside.

  1. Track the follower number on your Instagram

You know, all your efforts will become zero if you let your follower number get down. You should keep eyes on the indicators related to the interaction between your page and your customers.
Social Blade is a great tool to help analyze the development of the follower’s number on Instagram and all of the competitors, completely free of charge. In addition, it also gives you the number of follower you lost in a certain period of time.theo-doi-luong-follow-tren-instagram-cua-ban

With the business Instagram accounts, you can use the Table Analyzer Instagram Analytics. Here, you can check the number people are tracking your posts, number followers on your Instagram page, which post gained the best interaction, and where do most of your followers come from.  With the above information, you can adjust the client outreach strategy and build a posting standard in the future to increase the followers on your Instagram.

  1. Use the giveaway

In any social networking platform, a worth comment is a comment tag in full “3 friends” or “5 friends”. It can help to increase the interaction in a new post in particular, and both your Instagram page in general. These comments are also very “friendly” with the algorithm of Instagram and are usually counted as one of the most natural ways to spread your Instagram page away.

One of the most effective tactics to promote the behavior tag your friends what else is the giveaway. For example, you can donate one voucher 30% for all Instagram account follow the page and tag three other accounts.

A giveaway is very easy to create and join by both the business and the customers. Imagine that you may have a chance to get the gift or voucher just by leaving a comment and share that post. It does not take time, and it also creates the interesting to the participation. By the taking part process, people can get some information as well as the introduction about the products or service that can help to develop brand awareness or brand recognition already. Moreover, a giveaway is very cheap for its effectiveness and its affection to the market. Even with the winner, the business can create real experience in using new products that can turn them into a loyal customer in the future.

I have discussed in detail about the same topic in previous blog. You can go to read more at: Secrets to increase followers on Instagram (1/2). Any question please comment on my blog. Thank you!

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