Secrets to increase followers on Instagram (1/2)

In marketing, Instagram is a social platform that helps to access the potential customers and bring the chances of developing, building the brand and the customer’s awareness. So, do you have the secrets how to increase the follower number on your business Instagram?

In fact that, there is more than 500 billion users who use Instagram daily and turn it into one of the fastest of user development in the time of 4.0 industry. Hence, Instagram is a potential market where you should invest to develop to get more customers, you should need to keep in hand some skills and strategies to access that potential customers. In this article, I will provide you some skills that helps to increase the  followers on your Instagram and enhance the users cohesiveness  with your Instagram.

  1. Using hashtag effectively

Your goal in developing the marketing strategy on instagram should not be limited on the increasing follower number, it should also include the maintaining old customers. Hence, the uploading posts with new, interesting, unique contents are a priority. And you also forget use hashtags on each your video. It helps user find out the photos easily with the special topic. Hence, hashtags is one of the most important tips to increase followers on Instagram: #love, #Instagood, #fashion, #beautiful, #happy, #cute, #like4like, #followme, #selfie, #instadaily, #friends, #nature…

To add the correct tag hashtag, you need to find and use the hashtag related content. This means, you need a power tool to just search the hashtag appropriately, again just make sure the card has weekly looking for stability on Instagram. You can use some of the free tools like IconoSquare or Websta.

Promote your Instagram!

For example, you can use Websta to find the popular hashtag that consistents with your post. In case you search the keywords relevant #mensfashion, this tool will return the hashtag are arranged according to the level of popularity. You can also search for the common hashtag on some other article post that has related content directly on Instagram. Usually the hashtag normally is  descriptions, characteristics of the product/service that your business is offering.

Note: Instagram only allows you to add up to 30 hashtag in a post. Beside, the popular keywords change over time. As such, you should regularly update your hashtag library to find the most appropriate tag.

  1. Use the profesional filter on your photos to increase Instagram followers

Hashtag is not the main factor that attracts people on your post, people are more attracted by the beautiful photos. Instagram users nowadays have a higher requirement for photos quality as well as the photo editing skill. Hence, Filter is playing the core role in building and developing the connection among different Instagram users.

According to Iconosquare, there are some hot filters as: Normal, Clarendon, Juno, Lark, Ludwing, Gingham, Valencia, X-Pro, Lo-fi, Amaro…

Beige Instagram Feed - VSCO Filter HB2

  1. Get followers from opponents

One of the wise method to increase the amount of follower for Instagram page, that is from the main direct competitors of your business. Sure, this client objects share the concern and the excitement relative to your product.

To get followers by this way, you should take time to increase the cohensiveness or interaction with the customers by follow, like, comments their Instagram account. Just try to do for each 100 people per activity; you might get shock because of the results. It shows that there is 14% customer respond to business in case of just following them. 22% response when you follow and likes their photo and when you do three activities the result is 34%.

Use Instagram effectively!

The result may be wrong in each particular case, but basically, if you as much interaction with customers, the more you have the more chances to increase his association with them.

  1. Pay for influencer and review article on Instagram

Noone can refuse the big effectiveness of influencer and reviewer in boosting your Instagram and increase ethe followers. To apply this strategy, you might have to pay a big amount of money, but it might help you get a thousands of followers on your Instagram with a huge number of sales.

The first, you should find a huge list of Instagram account accordingly. For example, if you sell cosmetics products, try to find the Instagram accounts are interested in finding the products of cosmetics or a followers in this field.mua-bai-cua-cac-instagram-influencer

You should notice some things such as:

  • Instagram account number is required about 20,000 to 200,000 accounts (for a large client file).
  • Their account profile contains the address mail. If the user’s profile in Instagram contains mail address, that they are willing to receive ads from Instagram.

Usually the average advertising costs for a post generally fall into the range $20-$50, depending on the magnitude of customer files.

With the strong development of social media as currently, people should create and develop the Instagram account to get benefits from it. When you have a large number of followers, you will be easy to get money from different types of making money on Instagram. This article will have an extension one in the next post. Let’s  look for it!

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