Some suitable online jobs for students!

Online making (Or called Make Money Online – MMO) is a trend that popularly makes the earning currently. You may see your neighbor or your classmate who did not go to working place but they also have much of money and being online 24/24. So it is sure that you are wondering what are they doing?. I am here to make you understand about various ways of making online money that are suitable for students.

The basic of MMO is using a phone or computer that has internet connection to do some activities or tasks to get the purpose of making money. In general, MMO has a wide meaning that is utilizing your online environment to make money. The characteristic s of freedom, comfort, chance, potential were attracted more and more people come in online making community, to consider online job as a main job to get money.

There are many people who can get the large and regular earning per month about $1000, $2000 even 10.000$ per month. At present there are a lot of ways, or the method of making money on the net. But be careful, because in parallel with many prestigious form brings endless opportunities, there will also be no less the form of phishing, abusing the trust of new members. They mostly scam people with little knowledge about technology or strangers to the digital world.

There are many forms of MMO as below:

  • Primary forms: Doing survey, click advertising, setting phone apps… These are basic forms of MMO but theirs earning is not much. Hence, it just is suitable to students who just want to make money to have coffee and charging phone. The real MMO people will did not follow these types of MMO for a long time.
  • Professional forms: As its name, in this area, people will utilize all popular platforms to make money such as: Affiliate network, youtube, amazon, google… They have theirs program to cooperate with these large platforms to get large payment. They also have a deep and professional knowledge about social media and technology.
  • Online business: It is the way of utilizing social media platform to create and raise the number of customers as well as develop the business activities.

Following I will go to explain detail about each form of making money:

  1. Making online money with Affiliate Marketing

It appeared in Vietnam from 1 decade before, Affiliate Marketing is considered as one of the easiest way of making money for new comer. About its meaning, you can understand when you bring products of large brands to advertise on your unique website or link. If there is any customer buy products through your links, you will get incentive and commission.


With affiliate, you don’t need to have special products to sell out, and you also don’t need to care about the inventory process as well as the customer service. Standing on the point of the enterprise, affiliate also is an effective form to advertising their product because they just have to pay for results, orders… That’s reason there are many companies both small and large also apply this program of affiliate that opened more and more chance to MMO community.

To make money on Affiliate marketing, it requires people have knowledge about various forms of advertising. A higher advertising ability will help you have much more money. There are some skills that you can apply such as:

  • Create website (By worldPress)
  • Content marketing
  • SEO
  • Advertising (Google/ Facebook/ Native)
  • Social marketing
  • Email marketing

This is a one of the most effective and duration way to make a passive online money source.

  1. Trade Cryptocurrency (Trade coin)

You may be strange with the term of Cryptocurrency but you may know about the Bitcoin or Altcoins and making money by the way of digging coin. But also there is another way of making money is trading coin. This is exchanging Crypto currency in a special period of time to get a profits, not keeping for a long time.

For example, with Binance coin, last week you purchased at the price of 10$, this week it has raised up 15$, you sold out. Hence you will have $5 per each. It is type of surfing coin when you sell it out whenever you have profits.


To follow this type of making online money, you should not buy coin randomly, want to have big profit, you have a good preparation and analysis. You can analysis information through some channels of:

  • Analysis time series of changing coin’s price in a specific time
  • Analysis information of news or the rumor sell the news
  • Analysis the signs of experienced people or experts in financial field.

My suggestion for you when you are new comer that you should buy with a small investment first, hence raise it up day by day, don’t put a large investment into a big fluctuation market as currently.

  1. Doing freelancer

Freelancer is a form of using your special capacity to do online job for business or organization who needs support in a short time or in currently way.


For example, you have a Bitcoin project that needs a translator to support meetings in investment among different countries, but that task just happen in a beginning of the project, after have investment; you don’t need that translator anymore. Hence, a good solluion is using freelancer of translating to do that.

Freelance can be writing, translating, design graphic, web design, coding, accounting, marketing and advertising… any form of job that just need the results and don’t care about the process.

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