Some tips to boost your Youtube channel!

MMO- Making Money Online is a problem that attracted a high number of interested people
currently. One of the best active channels to make money online is YouTube-where have
the most shared videos in the world. For the companies, especially technology companies or
the media and entertainment sector, having a compelling YouTube channel is
evident. However creating a YouTube channel is only the initial step just, after you
completing creation your YouTube channel, you have to create an exciting video to make
about millions of weekly tracks to promote brand communication effectively. The article
below will give you a hint to help your Youtube Channel become more famous and

Promote your Youtube!
1. Set beautiful video title
Remember that there are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, even statistics is that
if you want to see the all video on YouTube, you must leave out nearly 2000 years. With
These vast number of opportunities to videos on your YouTube channel, the number of users
click on view for your video will be low. It also means that you have to use a lot of
unique and effective ways to increase attention to them, and the first thing to do is to
write a video title that’s impressive.

So how is an attractive title?
According to a study of Tubular Insights when comparing the title video on YouTube and the news page by BuzzFeed Facebook – a world Famous-produced shows, the video title contains 41-70 characters have views more than 64% in comparison with the video Titled. Even this is not the overall research but raised a most typical example in the production of online content, you can rely on this for reference when the most recent title for the video on his Youtube Channel. Besides the length, the way using words to get the attention of the viewer also very important.

The title can be formed as the question, asserting the magnification (e.g., not to watch this
video you’ve wasted life!) that are often more attractive because it can raise the user’s
curiosity. To make an impression, you can add some strong verbs at the beginning of the
title, the name of the famous singer and actor, …

2. SEO YouTube
YouTube is a video sharing social network, but you can also treat similarly with Google
as a searching tool. Nowadays people also come to YouTube to search for information, guidelines or visual sharing. Especially when Google bought YouTube in 2006, its features related to searching becomes more and more perfect. Since the SEO YouTube has become important when you want to create a YouTube channel.
The YouTube SEO seems to be a complicated job, but it can be summarized in somebasic steps below:
– Repeating the main keyword in the title and description of the video
– Referring to the main keywords in the content of thevideo
– Adding a tag for video

– Dividing video into categories

Building your Youtube channel!
3. Researching the trend of content
whether you produce video or text content, learning topics that users are interested in is
also critical. There are two ways to you should post the video how his YouTube
channel command:
– Refer to the featured videos of the YouTube channel that are in the same topic and same
audience group.
– Do YouTube channel Analytics on your channel to have detailed information, data on
user characteristics, most interactive videos…
4. Choose the best thumbnails

YouTube generally choose one frame any of your videos as an avatar, but unfortunately, sometimes it epitomizes blurry or too monotonous. Instead, you should design a particular
avatar, use Photoshop or any tools you have to make it more attractive and eye- catchy of the
viewers and then upload as thumbnails. A little trick is that the brand name should really
stand out in the photo.

5. Create an internal link
If you have a website, hence you are too accustomed to navigating internal links. It is a
way to help to connect your contents, leading the reader and the search engines to many
other articles. With YouTube, you should introduce the related video on the same channel,
e.g., insert tags, put the link in the section description. But please make sure that the viewers
have watched out for at least a third of the new video to other video navigation!


This is nine simple, but very useful tips that may help you earn millions follow when creating their own YouTube channel. Try to apply and hopefully this article will help you be able to create a YouTube channel as expected with interactive plays as desired.

Youtube currently is a good place to make money. People should utilize all its potentials to gain much of money. To reach more about how to make money on Youtube, you can read on blog: All effective ways to make money on Youtube

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