Steps to perform well a livestream on Facebook!

Livestream Facebook is currently well-known as one of the most effective business tools. Especially this method is very popular with online sellers on Facebook. It is the reason live stream is a feature that Facebook priorities in the current time, both in the notice and displaying.

Mostly, when using smartphone or tablet and PC to surf Facebook, people often see some live streams on the top of newsfeeds. Besides, the notice feature also is set up to make people get information about who is doing a live stream and who finished live stream already.


To perform well a live stream, people have to prepare many things, and they often follow some steps as below:

  1. Preparation

The preparation step is one of the most critical steps that make up success in any online marketing program or also in any field. People often say that A successful preparation is preparing for a victory. To qualify for a useful live stream of online business, what do people need to make?

  • Identifying the target customers: It is a phase to determine who is likely watching that Livestream. Who are they? How old are they? What are their favorites and what is their behaviors?
  • Identifying the objectives of live stream: The purposes may be selling new products, sell-off stocked products, increase interactions, informing an interesting program… It should be clear to tell inform to customers.
  • Idea generations and drawing the live stream structure: It is when you answer some questions that: What is the topic of a live stream? What is its style? What are its contents?
  • Preparation host: There is a person who is called as a host who manages and runs the live stream. He/she should prepare a convenient, comfortable and police outfit that ensure a high level of brand recognizing and being easy to change different modes. Besides, that person should make about the feeling, voice appearance… before starting live stream because live stream is a continuous process of talking, hence a not good mood or health will affect the operation of the live stream.


  • Preparation the supporting tools and devices such as phone and computer: People should check the camera, voice to ensure a high quality of the live stream. Besides, checking internet connection is very necessary to maintain a smooth relationship and good live stream. It is easy to be done by the way go to Youtube to open a video randomly to check the internet connection. Moreover, testing the pin of live- stream devices should not be ignored because of interruptions.
  • Choosing the angle of rotation: It is also necessary to choose the best angle of rotation. It is about where should people set the camera? It is noticed that with any camera, the maximum angle of rotation is 1200 degree. People should determine the site of the camera first, after that open camera and start observing the space which is displayed on that device. It is easy to adjust to get a suitable angle of rotation of a live stream. Remember to show the decoration things and move some unnecessary things away.
  • Setting up the effective light sytem: Light is also an important factor that supports a strong live- stream. A good light source will make the better quality of images and even the variety of products.
  • Sound: To have an impressive live-stream, people should prepare suitable music that depends on the objectives of the live- stream. Good music will make people feel happier and think more positively that promoted them to buy more products in a live stream.
  • Objects: People don’t forget to pay attention to small things such as pet, people, baby … Who may create some sounds to interrupt your live stream or make noise to bother your process. They also can attach the Livestream devices that make your Livestream stop.
  • Brand recognition: When people create Livestream to promote or advertise a unique brand, the setting up the brand image and logo is very important that can help to increase the brand recall rate and brand recognition for customers. From that, the brand equity can be increased its values.
  1. Informing the time of Livestream

It is also a crucial phase because each day there are many transactions and interactions among the community on Facebook, especially is Livestream, if we don’t inform in advance about the time of Livestream, people may not know the Livestream, or they could not join from the beginning. Informing the time of Livestream will help people adjust their time and plan to follow and watch your Livestream. Hence, people should inform about a livestream in advance at least 3 hours to 6 hours to get a maximum viewers.


The way of informing customers about a livestream also is very difficult to do. People should create the curiosity and raring of people that they are so exciting to wait for your livestream.

  1. Performing livestream

After the preparation phase, people can come into the primary task of performing livestream . Your Livestream will be very useful if you can share with many other groups or tag your customers in your livestream.

Opening: To start interest and attractive livestream is said hi and interact with viewers. This has critical effectiveness because the viewers will have respects and positive feelings about the host and they likely stay on your live stream when you can read their names. It also I also wait for a specific number of views that is high enough to start introducing the products.

Inform the contents of Livestream: You should inform the topic and the reason for that livestream. If possible, you may need to notify to customers to finishing time to help you manage their time. Continuously checking your internet and voice status to ensure a quality livestream is a task should be done by the host. You can ask directly the viewers of image quality, internet quality…

To increase the interactions in livestreams, you can encourage people to tag their friends and share with other groups to attract more customers to your livestream.

Hand pressing Live Stream on blurred cityscape background

In performing Livestream, you should maintain and follow the particular topic as given in the beginning because the customers may ask the different questions in different subjects. In those cases, you can please answer later in other livestream or inbox.

  1. Finishing live stream

A sincere thanks to giving all customers who are watching your livestream is compulsory. It also can close by a mini-game that is easy to win to make people enjoy the livestream and recall them to join again.

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