When social networking, especially Instagram has grown, building the personal brand on the Internet has become all people’s demand. To attract lots of followers, the prerequisite must be the photo’s quality on the wall and also containing much meaning. Along with that, there are many photos applications also have turned out fast and responsively chased the trend.

  1. A color story

With a color palette of bright, sweet, gentle, A Color Photo Story application is very suitable with femininity girls. This application allows you to use the sweet, warm colors like pink, yellow, orange, green, subdued colors for the photos on Instagram. It is true with the name of A Color Story, the application will provide a colorful story makes enjoyable photo editing than ever.


Not only using the selfie or daily photos, but A color story also is used to edit the flatlay photos (which are in set) or the photos of animals or things to make Instagram account become more interesting. Moreover, you also can follow the Instagram account of this application @acolorstory to update the new fomular to edit Instagram photos.

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