The reaction is known as the response video when people view a video and express their personal feeling, body language, experience and their point of view about that video. Video reaction first appeared in the West, at first it was one of the movements of Kpop fans in the West. Simple to understand, it is a short and expressive recording when watching a video then share it on youtube.5otb-reaction-article1

Promoting your Youtube channel!

Boosting your Youtube!

Whenever South Korea stars launched a new MV; the Western fans will record the response, his expressions of enjoying, experiencing. They can make a video when sitting to watch the video with friends, family … They try to express the feelings and his remarks as accurately as possible and then will share over the network. Through this reaction video, the react people can be free to express their feelings and express at the first time of viewing idol’s video. Reaction video currently is the choice of many Youtube stars in the world such as Fine Brothers, JREKML, TrollStation… Continue reading

18% of ads on television created an excellent rate of ROI return on investment.
– 84% of B2B campaigns bring on lower revenue levels.
– 100% is investing more in advertising to generate more 1%-2% of sales.
– 14% consumers trust in advertising
– 69% of consumers prefer ad-blocking technology
Above data showed that advertising becomes less effective currently. In this context, people think about advertising by viral video – It is a useful tool for the company.
1. What is the viral video?
One day, you get a video clip on the Internet. You hit the Play button and start enjoying it. You feel this video is exciting and start thinking of going to share it with your friends, your relatives. You hope that they can also get an exciting experience when watching the video, or you want to share a specific message to the people that you love. After watching that video, your friends also have the same thoughts, and they continue sharing it to others.
Just like that, the original video clip likes a virus that is spreading from person to person exponentially.create-viral-video-marketing-campaign-1024x538

2. Importance of the viral video
The viral video allows people to communicate the core messages about their products and services concisely with full of information and highly entertaining. Moreover, this video has spreading ability both in natural or being promoted according to the dispersal mechanism based on emotion and psychology. The feelings here are: funny, touching, happy, curious, irritating, frustrating, angry, pressing … Viral Video helps people perform their dream when they: Continue reading

Nowadays, Instagram has become one of the most popular networks for people who want to make money online. While there is a saturation of online business on Facebook, people tend to move to Instagram with many new strategies to promote online business. You are a starter in social media, and you have ideas to do business in a new network of Instagram, but you did not know how to start. Below are some guidelines and steps to help you have an active transaction on Instagram.
1. Creating an Instagram Account
Instagram is an image, video – sharing application on smartphone and it also is considered as a popular network. There is an individual thing on Instagram that all images are formatted for square images with a lot of special color effects through the available filters. If you want to sell products on Instagram, it’s necessary to start downloading this application on your phone and create a personal account.

Step 1: Download Instagram on Google Play.
Step 2: Click on the Instagram icons to choose the registration options with Facebook or Email.
Step 3: Fill in turn information: email address, display name, and password — the display name you should set it as the shop’s name and do not contain spaces and other special characters. In the bottom section allows you to set up the profile by adding your name, phone number and update the image.
Step 4: Select full mark in the top right of the phone screen.
2. Seeking potential products
There is a close relationship between Instagram and Facebook. Hence, it is the benefit to you when you start following all people who were in the friend list of your Facebook account already. Yi, You should support them and look for customers from across their page are those who follow and interact with them. Continue reading

As you know, the view has a hugely important role with respect to making money on Youtube. To see that a video posted to Youtube is successful or not, people just see the amount of views of that vieo to get the answer. To boost the number of view, people can use SEO Onpage, SEO Offpage skills or Adword ads …

When you setting your foot in the field of earning money on Youtube, I’m sure that you have heard about many ways to increase views to videos because the number views will have directly proportional with money what you will get. In which, there is an effective way that have mentioned by many people such as: buying views from the third party.

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. But where people should buy view? How to buy it effectively without any block problem by Youtube…

Boosting your Youtube channel!

Why you should buy views?

A large number of views are in need for a big demand such as in business or bossting campaign. People want to have a large number of views in special time. Also a video which has big number of view will be highly assessment by the searching tools which helps in stimulating customers and helps video be easy to get in the top. With high number of views, video can be easy to registration the Google Adsense and easily join in networks on Youtube. Continue reading

Have you ever click on reply button in Instagram even the photo in that Instagram did not uploaded successful. It just is because you are attracted by a catchy caption in that post. A good caption can attract more responds and support from your friends even when you don’t have dominant photos or any unique pictures.

  1. Asking a question

It really is an effective way to create more energy or more responds in any problem. Sometimes, there are people who really want to respond and interact to you more but they don’t know what they should say. In this case, a question in caption will help them to have some reaction as well as respond to you.


The question should be simple and understable. It can be either no query or an open-ended query. Some time, you make a question is not to get the answer, this only is used to create more interesting in your Instagram.

  1. Using a trend or famous sentence

Choosing a lyric sentence in your favorite song or poem to become caption is a popular way which still has effectiveness in attracting people. “Do you sell the wine? Why was I drunk when taking with you?”. Using a virus sentence has good ability to create the connection among people and they tend to respond and interact more than normal.

  1. Using emotion icons

Don’t forget to use eotion icons to express more detail your feelings and what you want to say. Cute icons will make people closer together and become easier to share the feeling. Also these icons will help your Instagram become more attractive and interesting.


  1. Using hashtags

Use the #hashtag to sort, categorize the content that helps people being easily to track, search and discover. You also can put more questions to interact with the user.
The arrangement of the hashtag in the description must also follow a suitable format. Usually, there will be 2 main forms to arrange a hashtag:


  • Setting #hashtag interspersed in the article in order to create focal points and people would click on each #unique_world. This way is suitable to artists who would like to think and explore creatively when writing the caption.
  • Ranking the hashtag in below phrase of the description is another way. This is often used when we have categorized the tags which match with each picture, it is also easy to copy and paste.


Currently, content marketing is strongly developing as a tool to promote Facebook for a company or an individual. In a decade, the content marketing has been used more widely by enterprises. There are many companies have hired experts, content marketing managers to run this department, create the blogs page as well as develop other materials. Some companies even proposed that content marketing can stop cold calling as previous period of time by attracting new customers, encourage customers contact with company and provider to get success transactions (Mandloys, 2013).

According to the researchers Frank v. Cespedes (the Faculty of the Harvard Business School) and Russ Heddleston (General Manager of DocSend company which provides content marketing administration solutions, headquartered in San Francisco), it is the time companies need have serious and effective evaluation about the role of content marketing and implementation different ways to improve this activity.


With over 34 million studies of the interaction between the client and the content on the DocSend application, Cepedes and Heddleston have taken the following advices to help businesses improve the effectiveness of content marketing (Kapost, 2012).

Attracting more customers by focusing on content marketing on Facebook

Business just has 3 minutes to make impression: Currently, the client has always been “bombed” with more information on the network. Research shows that the average time for them to read one content is 2 minutes 27 seconds. In that short period of time, the customer can give review and decide quickly that they should read more or not. Hence, researchers of company should share the relevant information to the client within the 2-5 pages.

Besides, company should identify when is the best time to send content to customers on Facebook which is not applied well by business currently. There are many researches showed that Tuesday afternoon or Thursday morning is the ideal time. However, according to the study by Cepedes and Huddleston, the visit number of customers on the seller’s website is almost evenly distributed for all days in a week, a little more on the Tuesday, Wendnesday and Thursday and a little less in Monday morning and Friday afternoon. There is an advice that businesses should not focus on a particular day. Instead, choosing the best suitable time to send the most appropriate content, business should use content based on the level and forms of interaction for each particular type of contents.

Promoting your content marketing on Facebook



Moreover, improving the quality of content also is a good idea to attract more viewers and customers on Facebook. Normally, content marketing of business just is built as a communication tool which is used to inform to customers and outsiders about product’s features and company’s news. It should be added more types of content such as giving unique appearances, changed content from informative purpose into educate purpose. Education content marketing is a new type of writing content for business which may create a new group of target customers and higher number of viewers. By creating useful content that provides value for your target buyers, you can work to engage these leads and help build awareness for your brand. Brand awareness is one of the most important benefits of content marketing.

Apart from that, the changing technology to implementing content marketing is very necessary with company in communication in Facebook. Is business still keep an outdate devices and accesses to do marketing activities? Company should invest and change into the latest options such as Responsive Web Design (RWD), providing a smooth access to users on different front-end devices.

Today, YouTube has become the popular communication channels. There are thousands people are making money on Youtube. All these people always want to explore the tips to get more and more views on their channel. Also Google has just launched the tips help users who are building personal YouTube channel can reach more viewers and get appreciated. I will provide you these useful tips as below:

#1. Improving Your Channel’s Appearance

Secrets to become a dominant Youtue account

  • Choosing the right username, having good background design and using a good cover picture are necessary and important things to catch the person’s eyes and they will more likely click on your video.
  • You totally can build your channel appealing by posting a channel trailer, the items are sorted in the channel, describing the strategy and programs broadcast to followers.
  • Writting down the detail description of your topic, your self on your channel using strategic keywords and formats that highlight the content that the channel towards.


#2. Creating impressive contents

Get more views in Youtube

A unique, interesting and impressive content has the ability to attract viewers in 15 beginning seconds and these viewers may give real view and also follow the Youtube channel. Let’s imagine will you want to see more it that video is telling about a boring topic and you mostly know everything what they are talking. Or you will not have any interested when that video is too serious and rigid.

Then, create impressive contents is very difficult which should be done base on applying various trend and current event in the market to have a hot topic.

#3. Maintain consistent quality on all videos


Video content is still the most important ingredient, but the quality is also a factor which cannot be viewed lightly contributed to the success of a video clip. Quality can be determined by the following:

Video quality: Please try to choose a minimum of 480 p or 720p, but seems to today’s standards began to be used by multiple users is 1080 p.

Production quality this is a film editing, video editing and eliminate the unnecessary scenes, cut scenes of quiet too long, use suitable lighting, apply sound effects and images as needed.

#4. Interacting with the targeted audiences

Promoting your Youtube

You should know about your audiences’ object. After that you create the video with specifically designed to interact with your targeted audience. The channel owner can do this directly by asking questions which enables fans to participate in a video or mention them directly.

Another way to have good interaction which is connecting with Google +: You should set up a Google page + to interact with fans and the creators of YouTube.

Or you open an interested game or give away program to attract more and more people join that game. With this way, you will have many views in a short time.

#5. Inserting relevant links to your videos



Have you ever wondered that people on YouTube often insert link to their video with the comment for what? Connecting the video related is one of the best ways to increase the visibility, this is a strategy often used on all web sites. When someone performs the searching queries on YouTube and click on your video, at this point, they were looking at content, so why don’t we insert a few references in the bottom corner only to lead them to the other videos.

Hashtag is one of the features that contribute the power of Twitter and Instagram. It was also present on Facebook currently. However, there is still a lot of people wonder what hashtags are? How to create it? How to effectively use it? Do you know that the post contains a hashtag on Instagram will have 12.6% of interest and attract viewers higher than non- hashtag posts? Is this number enough to convince you to spend time exploring on Instagram hashtag in this post?

  • What is the hashtag?

Hashtag is a way to follow various subjects on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It is defined as a word or sequence of adjacent characters is placed after the sign (#). The hashtag is used on many social networks including Instagram. With supporting of hastags, all shared contents can be easily accessible to interested users via the search engines.


  • Why should we use hashtags on Instagram?

If you want to increase the amount of followers and Promote your Instagram in your Instagram account, you first need to attract the attention of the community and user. Using the hashtag is pretty smart approach to attract new followers. If using effectively the hashtag, you will help other Instagram.


Relevance: You should ensure hashtags relate to your event and be easy to remember or read. If the event also used the app on the mobile such as Bizzabo, Hashtags are really useful to directly participate by the user.

Unique: One extremely important thing that is your hashtag should make the difference with the target customers. Select a hashtag #tech for a workshop called Tech Startup Conference 2013 can (or will) result in only 20 search engines within just 1 minute, instead, use the hashtag #TSC13 will allow for higher search results and minimize the “off” possibility of your target customers.

Short but typical:

Setting the hashtag is not only easy to remember, but also need to create the space to attract more attendances. If your event has a long name like “Social Media Marketing World 2013,” you should replace it by the #SMMW13.


  • What is the strategy of using Instagram hashtags?

To successfully use the hashtag, you need to have a specific strategy for the hashtag. The most popular hashtag on Instagram is often simple words such as #love, #happy, #dog … but their competitiveness is pretty low and it cannot help to increase the number of follower for a long time. Instead of using the common Instagram hashtags, you can use creative hashtags to determine the target user. The first thing is you need to follow, search for the hashtag that your readers tend to use a lot. If you have more narrow scope of hashtag, more possibility of success you will get.



For example, when you want post photos of a French Bulldog puppy, instead of using the classics hashtag such as #dogstagram (more than 15 million post), you can use the #frenchie (over 5 million post) or #squishyfacecrew (more than 1.3 million post) to reach many potential followers those who truly love the French Bulldog.

  • New Rules for Instagram hastags in 2018:


– With private accounts in Instagram, the article has a hashtag will not     appear on your search page Instagram.

– Hashtag Instagram can contain numbers but do not use spaces, and   some special characters such as $,%, …

– Only attach the hashtag for your posts, not possible with other people’s   post.

– You can use up to 30 hashtags in one article.