A picture has a higher value than a thousand words. At the moment, a photo can convey to us a massive amount of information.

Hence, there is no surprise when there are about 25 million businesses are using Instagram as a powerful platform to connect with customers. However, according to a study by Microsoft, the attention range of modern people is 8 seconds that is even lower than the Golden fish (9 seconds). With having a giant amount of photos on Instagram, the company’s brands get challenges when reaching customers on this platform.

Author Molly St. Louis of Adweek has analyzed the successful campaign on Instagram and just 3 points out the effectiveness of the campaign.
1. Impression photo
Instagram is a platform for sharing images; the impression is the element that should be satisfied first.
According to Molly, one of the biggest mistakes on Instagram is taking the boring pictures like your selfie photos that have only one expressive style and the difference between the sheets the picture is just their clothes. You should not do like this when you want to promote your brand because no one wants to watch a boring photo again and again.

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Molly asked the top influencers and also got a confirmation that the unique and beautiful image is very significant. For example, the excellent quality, vivid colors, weird camera angles will help photos create more feelings to the viewers that obviously will increase interoperability.
2. Telling close stories
You are creating the content on Instagram, but you should not only focus on your products and your information, but you also should make contact with the life of the purchaser. Whether you are selling something: cars, clothes, or technology products, you also need to tell a story to the customers to make them recognize the role of the product in their life. Continue reading