Tips of effective application email marketing!

Email marketing is a great tool for business development, is a marketing channel delivers the highest ROI. Average dollar you spend for email marketing, you will gain more than 42 dollars. But why many people have in hand a large client list but they still cannot increase orders? So, this is the time you should review how to write the content of your email.

With each Email marketing campaign strategy, you should select the appropriate email types. Below are some types ofemail you should understand to apply effectively.


  •  Transaction email:

This is the email sent from the automated system to confirm what action was taken by the customer, including order confirmation emails, email send an invoice with shipping information, email account refunds or fulfill orders email, send password email …
With this type of email, the opening email rate is very high. If you can offer an ingenious way in these emails, you will have much larger revenue.

  • Relationship email

You can choose to use some types of emails to build the relationship including: welcome new follower emails, transfer content requirements email, notification of new posts email, validation event email, surveys email, reviews email…

When using this type of email, it is important you need to note that you have write the content as you are interacting with real people, are guaranteed to be human through relationship with people.

  • Sales & promotion email

The order was created largely thanks to the direct messages from Email marketingg. The email can apply: promotion email, notification of sales/discounts occasionsemail, new product announcements email…
With promotion email, you can use broadcast to send mass for a list to increase efficiency. With the other email you should use auto-responders to make sure the right message you send to the clients.

Attract more customers!

What should you write in an email?

After getting the useful information of customers, you should start running auto – responders and send email with building relationship purpose:

  • Introduction your brand and business: This first welcome email should be sent from a real person with the name of the company such as a director, CEO or other representation…
  • Tell to them that what they will get from you and what are the steps they have to follow to get the benefits from your business? Let’s say that they will not get the value of the things you otherwise follow the instructions. Then, ask them to connect you through different channels (facebook fanpage, individual …) to increase opportunities to interact.
  • Original-research-info-023
  • Bring the most useful content to allow them use immediately. This will make them very excited.
    Encourage them open the following mail: At the end of the first email please mention the more useful content, create the unfinished drama as a way to end an episode in a long series episode. The second email you send them will be starting with the next part of the story, so doing the same for the next email.

In other words, you should create some phrases such as:

  • Benefits: In this first title, your email should not talk directly the promotion and introduction about your brand, please repeat the free content they received in the previous period. Finally, you can quickly redirect them to the products you plan to sell, speaking directly to the benefits customers receive.
  • Logical: tell the customers why they should buy now. In these emails, the goal is to make potential customers click your sales page link in the email.
  • Creating fear: in the email, you need to make them fear lossing opportunity if they do not purchasefast, create urgency.

For example:


The email is designed looked as a website that aimed at creating interaction among people. Ann Taylor also makes use of the below excellent incentives.


Huckberry did very well with this email. It’s clear and easy to understand, clearly is a welcome email. Further, they establish reasonable space, notify subscribers know what is Huckberry (they partner with these leading brands to bring you the fashion collection with discounts only for members) and they can expect the does (the discounts from the 3rd etc.)

Email marketing is really is an easy task of marketing activities helps you increase sale volume. You should not delay anymore to get effectiveness from this type of marketing. Apart from Email marketing, you can use many different tools to attract more customers on your business, you can read more at: Advertising on Facebook or Instagram?

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