Tips to do marketing on Twitter effectively!

It is said that Facebook was born with the aim to help people connect with friends in the same area. Also, Twitter performs the same task for a small friend group. While Facebook is an online social network with a multi-purpose allows users to chat, post photos, write a note and play the game, then Twitter is built around the post of a piece of news called as “Tweet” in the length of 140 characters. That’s the two most popular social networks in the world.
There are many people who compare the different and familiar things between two of these platforms to know which one will overcome others in the future or is there any chance for Twitter. As a person who is making money on social media, I just care about the possibility of making money on Twitter – a new channel, especially in the marketing field. If you want to market on Twitter, what do you need to prepare and what do you approach with customers, promote your brand and products in this potential market? I think you will be helped after reading this blog.

1. Twitter is considered as a fast channel of information
As if Facebook is social networking updated the daily news from friends and life fast and lively the most, Twitter is developed as an RSS feed page. Twitter also identified very clearly the direction in the future: become a social network of other information-driven than purely social networks connecting people like Facebook. According to my experience, the big news sites will often update to Twitter first; then it is spread to Facebook and other channels.

Earning money effectively!
There are many reasons that news on Twitter is limited to 140 words that help people updating new extremely quickly and concisely. Moreover, Twitter’s timeline interface is very simple and easy to follow when Facebook will usually show the news of so many parties involved, would be advertising, friend’s video, live videos.
2. Twitter is a tool to connect all customer services activities

Business or brand also needs a social media platform to keep connecting and interact with users and customers tightly and regularly. Typically, industry just uses Facebook to inform or update the new information or any change in the company or products. Differently, Twitter is a place to answer the customers’ question, complaints or the plans in the future of the company.
For me, whenever I have no satisfaction with the products or services, I will search for a Twitter page of that company, tag them and ask the question. I also can take a direct message to them like Facebook Messenger. I often get their answer and their explanation in short.
When a brand has many followers, the brand will have contributions of customers to increase the brand recognition of the tweet with the hashtag of the product and the company’s name. This will get more the trust of the potential customers, and as a result, they will find the outcomes of your brand.

Tips to apply Twitter marketing strategy!
Some tips for doing marketing on Twitter:

– You should mix the product article with the posts of the funny phrases, the images, videos, to increase the interaction with people.
– When you write articles about the product, you should use some famous people’s images as their recommendation to use your product. So, it will easily attract rather than you just posted the picture hanging products on the shelves, …

– You can use the hashtag to enhance the optimal search for the article. Alternatively, you can also use the hot hashtag to tweet and make more people see through your article.
Post citing a saying of the celebrity and the person’s name into the hashtag is also an excellent way to pull the view for your nick.
Attach the link on the website containing information products to attract free traffic volume on your party’s website.
According to my experience, Twitter ads is a useful tool to help to boost your account. It is just like facebook ads; google ads help you run ads on the customer’s list for the attraction amount for your consideration. You can buy Twitter ads to support running the ad and Sell Real Likes is a good option.

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