Tips to have effective business with Instagram stories!

Stories is a new and interesting feature of Instagram. It is sure that both individual user and business can get advantage and benefits from application this feature on business. Instagram story is a live program existing by the form of image and video that allows you share to friends and others and you totally can develop your current business with this application. There are many people are interested in this feature, but you still don’t like this that means you didn’t know how to use and apply it to utilize all its benefits. Let’s discover its effectiveness in business in Instagram.

Instagram stories are displayed on your list account on the top of your Instagram. If you see a red circle surrounding your friends’ avatar, it is exactly they have just added stories. To view these stories, you just need to click to the circle of their avatar, you will immediately see their stories. In the case they don’t have any story, Instagram will display the avatar only. With your account, Instagram will show you a blue plus sign on your avatar, in case you want to create a story, you just need to click on it to add more stories.


Benefits of Instagram stories:

Instagram Stories are very effective in making the profile more attracting. Let imagine that when everyone accesses to your account and the first thing they see is the stories that are their interested thing. People do not need to access your account in a deliberate way and just surf on the news feed and still see what you share in a full way. Your products will show greatly on stories in many different forms such as videos, pictures, links to the product. This will stimulate the potential customer to find out your product.

To add a link, you must click the link icon at the top of stories, enter link in the special form, then put “call to action” up your photo/video to guide customers to click on it. Stories is the ideal land to advertise the resources such as blogs, websites, online store …

Promote your Instagram account!

In addition to the above functions, the stories also give the user a lot of magic tricks for your sales as below:

  1. Inform about an event is going to happen

If you have a plan to open a store or a class, Instagram stories will helps you sharing about your place, preparing process, main locations or the secrets in your event. It is really is ideal and convenient to inform the customers to make them have time to prepare and wait for your event.

  1. Start your promotion strategies

Launching the promotion strategies in your business on Instagram story is a great idea to attract a large of customers’ number. This makes your followers get more interested and attraction, even they will access your account to follow all your activities.

The attractive advertising and introducing post will open up the opportunity to learn about the products’ demand and the customers’ service. This is also how you can evaluate the interest of customers for its products.


  1. Revealing behind – the scenes of ongoing projects

Many brands use Instagram Stories to bring the audience to visit their office. A quick guide on how to use the product, introduce members or in a project will create the curiosity of customers and make them wait for the final product. Your followers are more likely to convert into loyal fans when they have a clear view of your company. By bringing insight, clarity for business with Instagram Stories, you will have the opportunity to connect and increase credibility with your audiences.

A costume is in the designing process, a cake is decorated or a cloth shop is designing always make the public curious and fascinated because everyone also wants to know the “backstage” of these products.

  1. Display the way how to use the products

Instagram Stories are extremely convenient when you want to create a short tutorial about how to use the product and the manufacturing place as well as the selling location.  FX: you are fiber Manufacturing Company, you can share information about the workshop how to make out the different fiber arrays and how to use that product.

  1. Do the survey of getting feedback

Through asking some questions on your Instagram stories, you are easily to find target customers and get their feedbacks on how they think about your product. It is very effective in the development of the business to contribute on market analysis to help you catch the market trending and also make changes in necessary time.


You should tap on the label squarely icon on top of the story screen to write the questions. There are many types of questions you can use and add on your photo/video and start sharing it. To view the results of polls, you can click the voters listed below or visit analytics page!

6. Use the location Card and Hashtags to reach optimization
Recently, Instagram has expanded its discovery page including the hashtag and location. Now, when you add a Hashtag or position on a Stories, other users can find it if they search the same hashtag or position. This gives you the opportunity to reach new audiences. And if your content make them impressed, they will become your followers easily. they like what they see, they will keep track of your account.

To add the location to your Stories, you just simply click on the location sticker and enter your desired location. Your stories will then appear in the Gallery at the top of the search results for that position. You can enter the card starting with # or use Sticker Hashtag.

Did you know how to use the Instagram stories to utilize its benefits and create more expanding on your business? If there is any question, please leave it on the comment or follow me on my blog to get more updated information: Content digital trending in marking strategy 2019!

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