Top 5 indispensable applications of photo editing for Instagram

When social networking, especially Instagram has grown, building the personal brand on the Internet has become all people’s demand. To attract lots of followers, the prerequisite must be the photo’s quality on the wall and also containing much meaning. Along with that, there are many photos applications also have turned out fast and responsively chased the trend.

  1. A color story

With a color palette of bright, sweet, gentle, A Color Photo Story application is very suitable with femininity girls. This application allows you to use the sweet, warm colors like pink, yellow, orange, green, subdued colors for the photos on Instagram. It is true with the name of A Color Story, the application will provide a colorful story makes enjoyable photo editing than ever.


Not only using the selfie or daily photos, but A color story also is used to edit the flatlay photos (which are in set) or the photos of animals or things to make Instagram account become more interesting. Moreover, you also can follow the Instagram account of this application @acolorstory to update the new fomular to edit Instagram photos.

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  1. VSCO

It is very famous and popular editing application, especially in the young generation. Apart from many beautiful and free filters, VSCO is considered as the simpler version of photoshop software to edit a few basic technical parameters. You can use the exposure, adjust the contrast, increase the sharpness or increase/decrease the white balance in VSCO … to help more quality photos.

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Although VSCO is providing services to all types of customers with multiple color filters, but when prompted to VSCO, the bold colors and sharp momentum are exactly what makes the brand of this popular application.

With such impressive tones, VSCO is also suitable for you to edit photographs in the discovery trip.

  1. HUJI

The color film photography enthusiasts will love the HUJI application. After taking with this application, the photo will have a strange and firmly beauty that you don’t need to use any extra filter or editing app. HUJI is becoming a trend color photos on Instagram currently. If you are stuck with any color correction ideas, just random shooting some pictures with this application, you will surprise of its lighting effects.


Not only bringing the real selfie pics, but also helping the seemingly ordinary items become incredibly artistic image, this application has two main modes: turn on or turned off the flash. With flash, your photos will be extremely impressed with the bright green light pink streaks appear at random.

  1. Snapseed

Snapseed has rich color filters that also integrate many tools to creating each photo. It is possible to compare Snapseed as a miniature version of the Lightroom photo editing software on your computer. No need to depend on the available filters, Snapseed allows you to comfortably make the color photo according to your style.


In addition, you can test the High Dynamic Range -HDR or also called the wide dynamic contrast wide. It also allows you to combine two of the brightest and darkest image to create incredibly showy shots.


If you are addicted to taking the food photos then it is indispensable application as Foodie on your application inventory. The filters in this application make the dish becomes extremely attractive. Foodie has a number of dedicated filters for each different food categories.


For example if you take the bright and cheery shades such as candy, lollipop cupcake cake, cream color, PL3 PL2 rods, SW1, SW3 will be very suitable. If you want to capture the vibrant hues of dishes such as meat, bread, coffee, BQ1 BQ3 will make they become extremely attractive.

So, you can see that Instagram is a good place to you enjoy making the beautiful photos and editing them. Even  if you have a great photo, you can make money from that by uploading on the sharing website and charge cost on each downlloading time. You should use Instagram more effectively!

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