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Do you want to be famous or widely known over the world? It really can happen because we are living in a world of the internet. No matter where you are, what are you doing, you need a camera or smartphone to record the video and upload it on Youtube, you are easy to be successful.
You will play the role of a YouTube partner in which you will upload your video with the meaning of entertainment, cute, severe or educational… It must bring a unique value that attracts people views and spread every day. To do it, I will list out some ideas that will help you choose the best suitable idea to create successful videos.Profitable-YouTube-Channel-Ideas-Pinterest

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1. Adventure video
Although the video looks very easy to record but can be quite the challenge. How do you file an adventure video?

If you are new Youtuber and you are not on the streets to record adventure games video, you can start from your home or office. FX: turning the house into the night,…

You totally can get ideas from various Youtube channels but don’t copy them and put your efforts is the best. You can go quite easy to upload a video adventure game series 3 to 4 times a week.
2. Singing song video
If you have a good voice, it is a good condition to make this type of video. But if not, no problem, you totally can use your humorous to make a funny video by singing the famous song in your voice with a bit of editing in it.

You can be more creative and singing a song with a strange or funny voice as high, or in breathing or fast speed …

In this topic, you can upload videos almost every day.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas To Make Money Online
3. Food review video
This is an excellent idea for YouTube if you love traveling to different places such as restaurants, shopping centers, …

Here you don’t have to do any special things, you visit new places, having foods, shopping places and write a review or record a video about the meals, the services as well as your feedback and recommendations. When your video become famous or popular, you also can receive money from the restaurants, the hotels to do review video of the quality of their services.
4. Educational videos
One of the best videos is videos of guiding everything about a particular topic. For example, if you are good at SEO, then you can create a series of video on how to learn about SEO. If your knowledge that you brought are useful, your video will be on the top quickly.

People love tutorial video on any topic would like to share about that topic. Here, you need to attempt to create the quality video whether PowerPoint or another research screen it.

I have a friend who is good at Excel skill; he created a series video of teaching Excel online that attracted a high number of viewers.

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5. Cooking videos
It is a great video idea for women! You can start a dedicated channel on cooking and related things to cooking video. You should combine all kinds of formulas such as Italian, Thai, Chinese, India foods to create a diversity cuisine… Try the mixed method and test it, make your program more vibrant.
Innovation is the key factor to beat the competition.
6. Makeup video
If you are women and you are interested in hair and face to make up. You can upload your funny videos as well as information about it. You point out how to use eyeliner or mascara or a new hairstyle for each day. Try building your brand because there are many channels on YouTube and you need to stand out from the rest.

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7. Phone or car video
You are a man, and you are very attracted by phone or car. You totally can do a video on review or giving detail information about new products. Everyone likes to buy high tech devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablet PCs, etc., especially Samsung or Apple smartphones.
You can create video reviews of this add-on, especially smartphones. This is not a new thing because YouTube has so many such channels.
You can become one of them, but to get more visitors than you need to create your brand by doing some crazy or funny things like smashing a mobile phone on the floor or ripped out the old tablet with a knife.
8. Interviewing videos
Conduct the interviewing video that is similar to the question and answers video. Only the difference is that you need to understand the audiences and you need to be more professional than the Q&A video about the topics and questions.
You can make the interview video for people who are not only in the office or at your home or on the street and ask them about their daily lives and their difficulties. You can easily create a channel entirely on this subject.
9. Challenge video
The real challenge video is viral on YouTube. It also is very popular but honestly to say that it is challenging to do compared with the cooking video or adventure video.
You have to be challenged as you would eat a bowl of chicken in a pot or drink a full Cola, or you will not sleep in the next seven days, or you will see the film repeatedly within 36 hours….
If you can do a challenge and make a video, it is sure that your video will have a high attraction.
10. Reaction video
It also is a good idea for Youtuber. Create a video series to respond to a famous or new video on YouTube that means you create a video to comment on those famous on YouTubmaxresdefaulte.
Your video should indicate that you like or dislike them honestly using your real feelings and knowledge about that specific topic. You can easily upload video from 2 to 3 per day because it resembles the video ranting.


I would like to conclude by saying that there are many video channels on YouTube but you will only be successful when you try to bring something new.
Don’t copy someone else’s, make your own branding and that’s the secret of success on YouTube. I wish you all the best to become a celebrity on the Internet.

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