Trending! Increasing interaction and revenue by using minigame

Have you ever thought of organizing mini game (gambling) on Facebook to increase number of likes as well as customer interactions? If the answer is yes then it’s great!

But are you sure that your preparation steps were full, effective to attract a large number clients involved?
To help you have more peace of mind, I’ll share to you 5 steps to help you create a perfect mini game on Facebook.

  1. Identify what is your objective?

Firstly, you should try to think what you want to achieve in this contest? Think carefully to about what you really want to get after this mini game. For example, if you are a new member of the Facebook sales page because of less contact and sites in Facebook page, you can held a mini game with the goal of attracting likes of customers.


Some popular objectives can be such as:

# Increase the number of weekly likes for page: If you have just opened a new online shop, you have yet not reputation and loyal customer then this is your target goal.

For example, you open the lottery game to attract like by the way:

  • Each player will like your page
  • After that, you must share your game on their wall
  • Finally, they have to comment any number after share
  • You will select the winner by randomly choose a numbers based on the ending number  of the Lottery results
  • Select one or a few valuable gifts to excite players

# Increase in sale volume: If you’re having new goods, it will be very beneficial when you open a small game to increase sales.

# Flush old products, get new one: On the occasion such as before holiday, changing season time, you can open the game to find new owners for old products to get the new products. This way will not only help you quickly have space for new products, but also increase sale outcome.

# Customer: After a long time of doing successful business, you want to say grateful thanks to customer, a mini game is also suitable to sent different gift to clients and they definitely will feel very happy and continuously support your shop.

You should set a specific goal of like number for every mini game. It means how many likes you want to reach after a mini-game. Forexample, before opening game, you are having 1000 likes, after that you want to have 5000 likes. Only when you can identify a clear goal, you can calculate the cost and number of gifts, also can manage the effectiveness of mini game.

There are many forms of mini game that you can choose to held to attract more interactions such as: sweepstakes, share photos, create videos, comments on the product, puzzle challenge.

  1. Don’t forget to create a game with the principle of “Everyone can easily join”

You should describe the requirement as well as the rule of game easily, simply.  It should be easy to understand by everyone that anyone can participate in gambling. More people join, your store will be have higher interactions and likes…

Your game should also be easy to remember, easy to search that customers can find you at any time. You can use the hash tag (#) on your article to get an easy access.


I have some small hints to help you create successful hash tags:

  • Choose from regarding your store, for example, the store name is Peacock Blanket: #Peacokblanket
  • Choose from easy to read, easy to remember, for example: #discounting, #freegifts
  • Choose from trending (popular), don’t be afraid to make your contest hashtag overshadowed, on the contrary it will attract more people know your shop, for example: #giveaway #sales50% #minigame
  1. Prepare a big prize that every one want to have

What makes customers want to participate in your contest? Of course, it is the prize. You should make sure that your prize makes them willing to put the time and effort to join the game.



I have a few tips for you about the prize:

-Make a gift (great value) or multiple small gifts

-Take beautiful photos for award to attract customers

-Make clear color, shape and origin to ensure the reliability

  1. Identify how many people should be chosen as the winner?

It also is quite a headache question. Too many gifts will be not reasonable but too less will not attract customers.

You can follow 1 of the 3 options below according to my suggestion:

  • Option 1: Customers who pass challenge will be getting gift
  • Option 2: All customers who pass the challenge will go forward into the sweepstakes. The luckiest will receive gifts.
  • Option 3: The first to overcome challenges will win the biggest gifts. The following winners will receive small gifts.
  1. Make use of various the media channels you have to make the contest popular


You have to recognize that the competition can become more popular base on the number of traffic to your website. So apart from Facebook, you should utilize other media channels because they are all free advertising. Most of the shops have some other social networking sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and Blog. So you can share the contest on these page to reach more customers.

The question is about how often you should “remind” the customers about the contest, the answer is each 90 minutes you should update on a page.


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