Using Twitter to promote your online bussiness!

As being similar with Facebook; Twitter is a useful tool for online business owners. If you are making money online, you should not ignore the effectiveness of using Twitter to support your business. Below are some ways to help you have a better and more effective online business thanks to Twitter.

  1. Using Twitter to support customers

Being a online seller, you must recognize the importance of online customer services. This is the proposition branding and connection users method that is extremely important. So, social media platform plays the role as a place to resolve questions, complaints by customers.


  1. Managing both negative and positive tweet

If you see the positive tweet that posted by actively users about your products and your services, you should retweet again with sincere thanks because customers have had good reviews after experiencing outcomes, the service that you provided. Also, you can mention new or coming soon products in the market to stimulate the demand and consumption.

If you meet the negative tweet, the actions you need to do is finding the solution to solve the customer’s problems. The important thing is your attitude when talking to them because at the moment; there are many other users also are looking to see how you can handle the problem. So, you should be polite, friendly and enthusiastic.

  1. Researching the target market

Twitter is the best place to help you collect market information on the Internet. There are thousands of


  1. 4. Researching the competitor

Currently, there are many enterprises joined Twitter; your opponent may also be one of them. You can go to the individual page to learn how to tweet, how to resolve complaints and all the successes and failures that they encountered. Also, you should also take advantage of getting information from related hash tag related to opponents.


The most important on Twitter is the tweet, it is a place for you to attract the attention of customers and increase a high number of tracks and improve conversion rates. Below is the content you can tweet:


  • Sales, discounts, new product introductionTwitter-Promote-Mode
  • The fun stories or questions
  • Comments on new product ideas
  • Asking users about products, brands they like
  • Sending free tools to users
  • Posting fun photos of products and encourage customers to do the same
  • Adding Infographic
  • Tweet the famous in his field of business

I have just given you the tips to utilize Twitter to support your online business.  I hope that your online earning will become more effectiveness thanks to Twitter.

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