Ways to utilize the Instagram story feature in marketing!

In 2016, Instagram introduced the Stories feature that was inspired by the Snapchat. Up to the year 2018, Instagram has doubled the number of daily users compared to Snapchat. It is all thanks to a friendly users interface and is regularly updating with exciting features.
In a list of digital marketing tools, Instagram has widely invested because of its effectiveness and the diversity of contents. The Instagram story allows business and stores can update the short video and beautiful photos within 24 hours to reach all followers. When you view your friend’s stories, at the same time the picture was posted on the different accounts will also appear. It will create convenience and appearance images to consumers in a very natural way, easy to create sympathy rather than advertising. It is considered to be an essential weapon in marketing, especially in fashion or restaurant business. A strange image will generate the attraction of new customers and create customer engines for enjoying the clothes of stores or the food at the restaurant.

Boosting your Instagram!

Selling on Instagram effectively!

The Instagram story is a photo- sharing tool. The unique thing of this feature is that the updating is displayed on the story only within 24h. This feature i talks Instagram inherited from the social network Snapchat. Currently, Instagram has, 200 million. So far, Instagram keeps updating the new features for the enterprise.

1. Choose the central theme for the Instagram story
It is very necessary ehn you prepare a strategy or plan about what will you upload about? By that way, your page will have a unique and clear goal to reach. The choosing theme for the Instagram story can be done by the way focusing on the core value of your business or your slogan to contact to customer.
In some cases, you can design the story in a few colors background that matches to your logo. The creating story on Instagram by subject can be done according to the weekly or monthly theme. FX: the daily delicacies, the Chef’s Choice in kitchen, … to help the customers maintain the interesting. No matter whatever you choose the subject, the most important thing is to make your followers know exactly about your content and the time you publish the stories.
2. Get an attractive point

On average, a person is attracted to something in the first 8 seconds, so be quick “enchanting” your followers by the bright pictures. Means these images need to be interesting, attractive and straightforward. And because most users use mobile devices on the screen size is limited to the image contains too much text will not be the ideal choice.
3. Using text or icon on Instagram stories
The writing word or Icon will help to highlight content which you want customers to pay attention to. You also need some reasonable options to avoid confusing the reader’s eye. The words need to be short from 3-5 words that may about feelings, your shop’s name, reviews… The Icon should not be exaggerated, and it will not make the reader get eye aches in viewing your Instagram stories.

4. Maintain a regular frequency
You have to set a goal to post a minimum of 1 content/day. The maintenance frequency to help customers get to see the story of your business in throughout and it can create higher brand recognition. This is not difficult, but you should have a goal and achieve that goal as fast as possible to check its effectiveness on your Instagram.
Image or video on the Instagram story is the place for you to tell the story and make an impression. Here, you shouldn’t focus much on sales or views story. But this may be the first step in introducing products to attract the attention of potential customers. It is sure that it is an effective tool for marketing.
The feature that Instagram created for Instagram Story has built the difference or unique thing for this billion- users app. It is possible to say that in in the recent, there is the active development both on entertainment and shopping feature on Instagram prompted the potentials of Instagram to grow with the business on the market. The current marketing campaign will have many options to improve in that Instagram app.

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